A Girlfriend’s Guide After Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

A Girlfriend’s Guide After Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

There are things that you are open to talk about with everyone, but there are those that you can
only share with your closest girlfriends like your plan to get the nose job of your dreams. You
are lucky if you have a girlfriend that knows a lot about the subject because after all, you have
the “same feathers,” so to speak.

The Ten Questions You Need to Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon about Rhinoplasty surgery

1. Ask if he is board certified
Never get someone who is not board certified and be sure the “board” he gives is the real and
recognized one. Rhinoplasty in Jaipur is the best answer for it.
2. Ask for the time When the Nose Looks Normal Again
Do not be shocked or disheartened, but it might take a year for the nose to look as normal as
you would like it to be. For the first six months after surgery expect the tip of the nose to get
swollen longer and numb up. However, it doesn’t mean that you would stay holed up in your
room the entire time. The results will take almost 12 months due to the healing that have to take
place internally although your nose will look presentable. What you need to be concerned about
would be complications which could be displayed as redness, fever or chills, and pus coming
out of the nose. These need immediate attention.
3. Ask the surgeon if he/she is only devoted to Rhinoplasty
There are some doctors who move to rhinoplasty as the next one while shifting the expertise. If
this is the kind of doctor in front of you, know where his priorities and expertise are.
4. Ask for the last time the surgeon performed rhinoplasty
Like any other skill, rhinoplasty requires constant practice. A surgeon who has not performed it
in a while is not the best one for you.
5. Ask for the surgeon’s satisfaction rate from the patients
The satisfaction rate of the surgeon is the best indicator of the surgeon’s expertise. The doctors
know this and would usually have a record to show for prospective clients to go over.
6. Ask for revision policies
This might not be the first thing on the patient’s mind, but it would be good to know the
contingency plans for the procedure in case something goes wrong.
7. Ask for revision rates
It is smart to be aware of how much you will be charged in case something goes wrong with the
procedure.Ask for the duration of the procedure
It helps to know how long the procedure will take, what is involved, and the important things to

expect. It is also important to know the recovery time to be aware if you are healing on
8. Ask for possible complications
Not to belittle the abilities of the surgeon, you just need to know the complications and the
possible ways to avoid them.
9. Ask for the specific rhinoplasty technique
Techniques with the different implications and requirements are available in the market these
days. Know the exact one your surgeon is going to use on you.
10. Silicone Versus Gore Tex
Now that you have basically decided to push through with the rhinoplasty, a crucial element is
the material that is going to be used for the implants. Nowadays, you have silicone and other
like gore tex are the options available. They are used to fit the nasal characteristics of the
Because of being the most compatible among all the implants, and also because it has got the
ideal qualities to create natural-looking results; silicone is considered to be the best implant for
rhinoplasty. One of its biggest advantage is its ability to allow the growth of limited tissues while
staying stable. It can also be placed within the tip in a strategic manner to support tip and raise it
to the level that is needed. This kind of stability is important in achieving the natural looking
nose that you have been dreaming of.

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