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Giga sessions are those Hair Transplant session in which more than 4000 grafts are transplanted. This is Changing trends in hair transplant surgery. ALCS offers the best Giga Sessions Transplant in Jaipur.

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There are actually two options available for Hair Transplant which includes the following:

Mega Session Hair Transplant Surgery

This procedure is actually a combination of follicular unit extraction (FUE) from the scalp and body hair as well. Even in the best scenario, the cosmetic hair transplant experts recommend the extraction of 4000-4200 grafts at one sitting. The extraction of hair follicles is done not only from the scalp but also areas such as the beard, chest and legs. This decision mostly depends on how many hair grafts are available in the donor area.

Giga Session Hair Transplant

Something that we are pioneers in, a Giga session is a combination of follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant. This is the best choice if the requirement is that of 5000 grafts or more.

Giga Session Hair Transplant Before and After

If the loss of hair is truly extensive, one or two sessions might not be enough and at such a time, you will need a solution that will help cover more area, in the minimal amount of time. At ALCS Clinics, we understand such concerns and offer solutions that are ideal for people who wish to cover a larger area of the bald head, in the least amount of time.



Not every patient can undergo a Giga session because there are some factors which need to be considered into first. These factors include:
  • Enough supply of hair grafts is needed for a Gigga
  • The hair surgeon and his team should be experienced enough to complete the gig session procedure.
  • The capacity of the dissector should be high (more than 300 follicles per hour)
  • The capacity of the implanter should be more than 400 grafts per hour to keep up with the pace of the hair transplant surgery.


A Giga session is a hair transplant procedure which is a combination of a follicular unit transplant (FUT) and a follicular unit extraction(FUE). This type of hair transplant surgery is the best option when you require more than 5000 hair grafts. Depending on the cosmetic hair surgeon’s expertise, he/she can extract close to 4000-4500 hair grafts from the scalp alone and the rest of the hair grafts are often taken from other parts of the body.

In the follicular unit transplant (FUT), most hair surgeons remove an entire strip of hair and from that hair strip, they extract the required number of hair grafts. In addition, through the follicular unit extraction (FUT), the cosmetic hair surgeon also ensures that there are as many hair grafts extracted as per requirement. However, most cosmetic hair surgeon still suggests that the Giga session is completed over two sessions, as opposed to a single sitting. 


Giga session advantages are as follows:
  • Since a Giga session takes only about two sittings, the patient will be able to see the results almost immediately
  • Bald spots are usually covered completely within the first sitting, and provide the patient with a sudden boost of confidence
  • As a Giga session covers more head, a patient requires lesser visits to the hair clinic
  • Few Case studies have already proven that Giga sessions are often more cost-effective, as opposed to multiple sessions

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  • Since the cosmetic hair surgeon will try to cover a greater area, there is bound to be more strain on the patient undergoing the procedure. In the given situation, the patient will have to spend a day or two at the hair clinic.
  • While the patient undergoing the Giga session process they might feel tired and stressed so as the team assisting him or her. With the hair treatment team being tired, there is the chance that the results could end up being compromised in the end.
  • In larger sessions, there is also the chance that the donor area might move out of the permanent zone, causing transplanted hair to fall off over a period of time.
  • In case, the surgeon has opted for a follicular unit transplant process, the scars might be bigger than in smaller sessions.
  • The patient may not get the density expected of Second Or Subsequent Hair Transplants Might Be Required Due To The Following Reasons
  • In order to attain a better density
  • In order to define the hairline in a better manner
  • List In order to define the hairline in a better manner
  • In order to cover the crown in a proper manner


Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon for your Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery is not as difficult as it may seem. Most men make poor choices trying to hurry their Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery procedures which later need more surgeries to correct the damage made during hushing up. To achieve the desired goal of your hair you need to be careful and patient.

When choosing the right surgeon for Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery in India or anywhere else it is important to look at all of the following:

  • Qualification: we strongly recommend you to seek to choose a cosmetic surgery or hair surgeon based on that your surgeon is certified by The Association of Plastic Surgeons of India or government certified surgeon.
  • Experience: Majority of cosmetic Surgeons will often highlight their accomplishments in the field of cosmetic surgery in Jaipur. As with anything, it’s always important to double check and verify that what the surgeon is saying is true.
  • Detailed Consultation: The consultation is arguably the opportunity for you to ask all sorts of questions you have in mind regarding facial hair transplant surgery. A thorough consultation also involves a review of medical history including any existing medical conditions. All these factors help the surgeon to custom-tailor the operation to best meet the needs of each patient.
  • Before & After Pictures: -Many times, comparing before and after pictures of your face with several different plastic surgeons successful facial transplant surgery procedures can be beneficial to patients when determining which surgeon to go with. However, keep in mind that usually, you are only seeing the best results.
  • Track Record: One way to check a surgeon’s record is to see if there have been any malpractice cases filed against the surgeon. Keep in mind anyone can sue anyone for anything so just the action itself means nothing. However, a conviction may be important.


When it comes to the cost of Giga Hair transplant surgery the total cost of the hair transplant surgery is determined by the number of hair grafts required. It differs from person to person depending upon the area of baldness over one’s head. In Giga sessions around 5000 plus hair, grafts are usually needed.

It can be calculated by a very simple formula:

The total cost of the hair transplant = Number of Grafts X Price per graft

It is to noted that the charges are on basis of ‘per graft’ or ‘per follicular unit’, and not ‘per hair’. As the majority of the hair grafts or follicular units contain 2-3 hair, so for example, if you are paying for 1000 grafts, you will get approximately 2500 hair transplanted.

ALCS Jaipur offers you a new world-class cosmetic hair treatment where you can pamper yourself and turn your physical appearance goals into reality and feeling the way you want. Through your Giga session hair transplant, you can actually heal your mind and enhance your self-confidence to take the world head-on through your improved appearance.


There are innumerable reasons why you should get your Giga session hair transplant surgery done from ALCS Jaipur and here some of the most important ones:

The team of cosmetic expert staff here is not only extremely experienced but also highly professional, which means that your Giga session hair transplant procedure will be completed in the manner that will have been explained to you in advance. Your search for “best hair transplant clinic near me” may help you reach ALCS Jaipur. It is one of the best hair clinics that provide high-quality hair fall treatment for men.

The ALCS hair fall specialists will look at you well and select you on the basis of whether you are the correct contender for body transplant surgery or not.

You are considered perfect if you have a dense hair on your head that suits your personality. Most hair restoration clinic or hair replacement clinic like ALCS Jaipur provide best Giga session treatment. Most patients are considered the right candidate for a Giga hair transplant surgery.

On the off chance that you are in your teens, you may be considered as not a suitable candidate for a Giga session hair transplant treatment or normal hair transplant surgery until you are in your late 20’s or 30’s.

Giga Hair transplant surgery procedure in Jaipur is done at one of the best hair clinics in Jaipur ALCS which is headed by Dr Sunil Arora. There are various Hair transplant surgeons in India but very few well-experienced ones. One of them is Dr Sunil Arora from ALCS Jaipur. He has an experience of over 16+ years of performing cosmetic surgeries such as Giga hair transplant surgery, hair restoration treatment for men, hair replacement surgery for men in Jaipur.

When it comes to one of the best hair clinics in Jaipur and the entire state of Rajasthan, ALCS is considered as the top choice for Giga session hair transplant surgery in Jaipur due to their experience and affordable hair fall treatment for men in Rajasthan.

The very first step for getting a Giga session or even body hair growth treatment for men in Jaipur is to take a consultation appointment at ALCS. Meet Dr Sunil Arora and let him know what you have in mind regarding your Giga session hair transplant surgery plans, size of the area that needs to be covered with hair grafts or any other query. After listening to you and examining your hair he may come up with the best realistic plan to move forward with your hair fall treatment for men.

Dr Sunil Arora has received various prestigious awards due to his expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery and hair treatment in Rajasthan.

The staff that assists the Dr Sunil Arora performing the procedure is equally well trained and experienced, which means that the chances of something going wrong during your procedure are next to nil.

During a Giga session method, there is minimal hair loss and the healing process is extremely fast.

The operating or procedure rooms are equipped with the most modern and efficient devices and tools, allowing the surgeon greater speed and more precision.