Get Proven Results at ALCS Hair Transplant Center – Get Best Hair Transplant Service at Affordable Cost by Best Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Sunil Arora

Looking for hair loss or hair thinning solution? Hair fall can occur due to various reasons like an environmental issue, hormonal imbalance, genetical issue or side effect of any medication. People who experience extreme hair fall and balding may also suffer from a lack of confidence. Many people try out so hard to get rid of this critical condition by using topical medicines. But hair transplant is the only way that can help you restore your lost hair which is now one of the most common procedures in India.

Techniques That Are Utilized in the ALCS clinic For Hair Transplantation?

Most of the cosmetic surgeons usually execute two main hair transplant techniques which are FUE or Follicular Unit Transplant and FUT or Follicular Unit Extraction. These are also popular as micrograft technique and slit graph technique. The micrograft technique is used when less coverage of hair is required whereas; the Slit graft technique is used to cover larger areas. 

Apart from this, the best part is the Hair Transplantation cost in India is quite affordable. Even if you need to undergo several sessions, the total cost will still be less expensive if compared to the expense in any other city.

Come let’s get some clear idea about of these hair transplant techniques-

  • FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction- This is a very common hair transplant procedure in India. In FUE, the hair follicles are extracted directly from the backside of the scalp through secured punch incisions. The surgeon then makes tiny holes with a special scalpel at the balding or thinning site where the hair is needed to be grafted. The extracted and treated hair follicles are then very carefully placed. After the completion of the procedure, the surgeon usually covers the area of treatment with a bandage for rapid healing. 
  • FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant– The FUT procedure is quite different from the FUE procedure. In this technique, the surgeon identifies a long area that has thick hair growth at the back of the head across the ears. A scalpel is used to remove the long skin flap in a single shot. Once the skin is extracted, the area is being closed with incisions. Next, the surgeon cuts off this long skin graft into several small pieces. Now these individual pieces of skin are implanted in the targeted area where you need your hair to grow. 

Success Rate of Hair Transplantation in India  

Hair transplant is no doubt a huge life-changing decision for anyone. So it is very important for every individual to be confident about the decision they are seeking. The average hair transplant success rate is around 98% which has been reported by the topmost cosmetic surgeons in India. 

However, there are many factors that drive the hair transplant success rate, like the medical background of the patient, experience of the surgeon and patients abiding by the instructions provided by the surgeon. Let’s have a look at the key factors behind a successful hair transplant procedure-

  1. Cherry-picking a right cosmetic surgeon for yourself is one of the most important factors. Also, surgeons must inform their patients about every little pros, cons, and risk that are related to the procedure.
  2. Patients must be well informed about the procedure so that they can set a legit expectation after undergoing the procedure. 
  3. It is very crucial for every single patient to carefully follow the post-operative instructions provided by the surgeon.
  4. Last but the most important thing, every patient must feel confident and secured after undergoing the hair transplant procedure.

Why Choose Dr. Sunil Arora?

Dr. Sunil Arora has more than 15 years of experience in this field of cosmetic treatments. He has won numerous awards during his career and the most notable one was the Best Plastic Surgeon of Rajasthan in the year 2014. One of his recent accomplishments includes the award of “Visionaries of Rajasthan” by India Today Group in the year 2016. 

He is committed to accomplishing the finest results for his patients by providing the best treatment and adequate care. His uninterrupted endeavors of delivering an honest and dedicated service have created more than hundreds of hair transplant success stories which is no doubt a boon to our society. 

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