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We will be offering an individual experiencing hair loss a life changing opportunity to receive a free hair transplant.  Hair loss affects men and women of all ages, emotionally and physically.  While genetics is the most common cause for baldness, other medical conditions can lead to hair loss, as well.  Any type of hair loss can negatively affect our self-esteem, but unfortunately the cost can be the factor that prevents a person from resolving their hair loss.  For this reason, we want to help someone who could really benefit from a hair transplant and improve their confidence.

From now until June 28th 2018, individuals dealing with hair loss are invited to enter this content by  on Dr Sunil Arora.  All submissions will be reviewed by Dr Sunil Arora on June 28th and one finalist will be selected.  The finalist will be announced via Dr Sunil Arora’s Facebook page so make sure you enter and follow our page for updates if they’d like to see receive the free hair transplant (of rs 75000 value).

The winner of the hair transplant must be able to come to Dr Sunil Arora’s office  for a complimentary hair loss consultation to confirm that they are medically suitable for a hair restoration procedure.  The winner will also have the opportunity to showcase their progress on Dr Sunil Arora’s website and allow the public to follow their hair transplant journey.

“Hair restoration is considered cosmetic and is not covered by insurance,” said Dr Sunil Arora  “However, hair loss can have a profound impact on a person’s self esteem and confidence, especially when hair loss occurs at a young age or as a result of any medical condition.  There are treatments available to minimize hair loss, but it’s not always affordable for everyone.  The opportunity to give someone this gift is very unique to me because every day, I see the difference hair restoration makes in a person’s life.”