FUT or FUE : Choosing The Right Hair Transplant

Having a head full of happy, healthy and lustrous hair is something that everyone dreams of. After all,
hair is a major determinant of an individual’s appearance. However, not all of us are fortunate to have
this dream come true. In the ever competitive and difficult world of today, there are a number of
reasons including lifestyle and stress related disorders that can cause hair loss.

Hair loss can be temporary as well as permanent. For temporary hair loss, there are a number of options available, but for permanent hair loss, specialized treatment is required. One can go for either a FUE hair transplant or a follicular unit transplantation. However, this needs to be done by a properly trained surgeon and after thorough consultation and analysis.

Let us understand how hair transplants work and this may help you in finding more information about
what is a fue hair transplant or how much does a follicular unit transplantation cost in your city.

Hair transplant is one of the possible and the most popular line of treatment for permanent hair loss.
This is a surgical procedure that is carried out by a skilled surgeon with his or her trained staff. The hair on human scalp grows in follicles each of which may have anywhere between one to four hair strands. During the hair transplant procedure, the surgeon takes the follicles from one area (generally the densely populated one) and transplants to the affected area (less populated one). The types of hair transplant differ in the methods of taking out of the follicles before transplanting them.

There are two major types of hair transplant treatment performed by surgeons

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): This is the traditional method of hair transplant in which a
    strip of tissue is removed from the donor site, which is then stitched back. The follicles in the
    strip are then extracted, treated and then grafted or attached to the recipient site. The recovery period for this type of transplant is slightly more painful as the stitches need to heal. However, cost wise this may be slightly more affordable when compared with the fue hair transplant cost in India.
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): This is the comparatively newer method of hair transplant. In
    this, the surgeon extracts each follicular unit individually from the donor site using a special
    cylindrical machine and transplants them one by one on to the recipient area. The major
    advantage of going for a fue hair transplant is that the fue hair transplant side effects are much
    lesser compared to FUT. This is because, this method does not involve removal of tissues or
    stitching up.
    Once, you are sure about the fue hair transplant side effects and hence the lesser recovery period,
    the next obvious question would be how much does a fue hair transplant cost in India? Well, the
    answer is not straightforward, but it is fair to say that fue hair transplant India is much more
    affordable than elsewhere.
    However, the actual calculation of fue hair transplant cost in India or any other country is
    determined by a number of factors including
     The experience of the surgeon and his team performing the procedure
     Number of hair follicles to be transplanted
     The medical facility where the procedure is being carried out

A critical point to note is that not everyone is a good fit for FUE hair transplant or FUT. The eligibility
needs to be decided by a qualified surgeon after thorough examination on a case by case basis. So, one cannot just decide to go for FUE because the fue hair transplant side effects are less. It needs a qualified surgeon to decide this.

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