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Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a hair restoration technique, also known as the strip procedure, where a patient’s hair is transplanted in naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs, called follicular units.
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    FUT or follicular unit hair transplant is also known as strip surgery. It is one of the most commonly used procedures for hair transplant surgery.

    FUT hair transplant is an ideal choice for most people, who have a larger bald area. In this type of hair transplant procedure, the hair-bearing skin is extracted by using a scalpel from the back of a patient’s head and the gap at the back of the person’s head is sutured together. The hair strip is later divided into grafts consisting of one or two hair follicles and then implanted in the same way as FUE.


    FUT hair transplant is popular due to the advantages it offers. The patients with a large bald area mostly choose FUT Hair Transplant. The scar in most people is well hidden as more than 75% of people do not shave their head ever. Also, there are various ways to cover it.


    Post-extraction of a strip of the scalp, there will be an exposed strip of skin left on your head. This will have to be sutured together and will heal over time, but a scar will be left behind. In most hair transplant cases, there will be a linear scar, which in the hands of a good cosmetic surgeon will not be visible after a while. This will happen because the new hair will be transplanted in such a manner that when they grow to a certain length, the scar will be hidden beneath it.

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    A lot of information is available about FUT & FUE procedures on the internet but when it comes to the actual FUT hair transplant procedure, there is less info on what happens during the procedure. In FUT, an entire hair strip is extracted from the scalp’s donor area followed by dissection that takes place under a microscope. The area from where the hair strip is taken is stitched carefully, which leaves a linear scar on the scalp of the patient.
    The intention of a FUT or follicular unit transplantation is to relocate hair from a donor area and transplant it to a bald area which is visible. Usually, small follicular units are harvested, and each unit contains anywhere from one to four hair. Normally, on the day of FUT hair transplant surgery, you may be asked to come a few hours before the hair transplant surgery is scheduled.
    This time will allow the staff to give you a clear picture of all that will happen and also complete the requisite paperwork including the informed consent form.
    This may also the last time you get to talk to your FUT surgeon and clear all your doubts. The cosmetic surgeon will demarcate the area, in accordance with the prior consultations, including marking of the exact hairline. These markings will be done as the final procedure post consultation and before the surgery.


    When it comes to researching a FUT Hair Transplant surgery there is a variety of data or information that you may want to know including the type of hair transplant procedure required, the cosmetic surgeon and most importantly in some cases how much will a hair transplant cost.
    The FUT hair transplant procedure tends to be less expensive than the FUE procedure due to the technology that is involved.When it comes to getting an estimated cost for a FUT Hair Transplant it may be time-consuming.
    A lot of cosmetic surgeons may refuse to give you an estimated cost of FUT hair transplant before you walk in for a consultation.
    FUT hair transplant cost may not be same everywhere and some of the cosmetic surgeons may not tell you the cost.
    This is not just a sales technique or an attempt to make enquiries difficult for you but it is important to understand that the costing for a FUT hair transplant varies from patient to patient.
    Even individual’s need for a FUT hair transplant can only be assessed during a consultation.
    Though it is always helpful to at least have an idea of how much you need to start saving for a hair transplant procedure.

    FUT Hair transplant cost varies depending on the area chosen

    The cost of a FUT Hair Transplant depends on the area such as metropolitan city etc or areas of the head that the patient would like to treat.
    There are three major sections of the head
    A-Zone – Frontal core, hairline and temples
    B-Zone – Mid-core
    C-Zone – Crown
    The area of your scalp being hair transplanted can alter the cost of your FUT Hair Transplant. For instance, if you are getting your hairline or temples treated, this area is smaller compared to if you were having your crown treated which means the number of hairs will differ.
    Hair loss can also vary from patients to the patient which is why most cosmetic surgeons prefer their patients to come in for an individual assessment where they can give you an accurate cost for your FUT Hair Transplant.


    If the FUT hair transplant procedure has been done by an experienced cosmetic or hair surgeon, there is little to worry about. However, if the procedure has been done by an inexperienced surgeon, several things could go wrong.

    For beginners, the stitches or sutures could develop an infection, pus, itching or redness during or later post hair transplant. The downtime is more as compared to FUE Hair Transplant. The patients can also see some effluvium around the scar but can happen with FUE too.


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