FUE vs FUT Hair Transplant

Hair transplant, in general, is a very tedious job. Any slight mismanagement here and there results in adverse outcomes for sure. The world of hair transplant is really vast and wide in general. There are so many ways of procedures involved that one might as well think that each of the methods is useful and also can come handy one way or the other. But as of today’s modern day society, there are two most prominent types of hair transplant techniques. One is FUE which stands for follicular unit extraction and the other one is FUT which stands for follicular unit transplantation. In both of the methods, there are follicular units that are transferred from the donor to the host. Hence let’s take a deeper dive into the subject of knowing these techniques closely and determines as to which ones stand apart from the rest. Let’s get started.

FUE aka follicular unit extraction.

In the hair transplant technique of FUE, the hair follicle is individually transplanted from the donor to the host on unit bases. This is one of the main differences between FUE and FUT. The follicles are taken on a random pattern and the hair extraction is hardly noticeable even after the extraction process as the pattern in which they are taken out of the donor plays a key role in this factor. Also when you talk about the pain factor and things related to pain when you come to the realization that there is no pain at all. The follicles are transported individually and there is a faster healing procedure that is being implemented over there.

Discomfort is negligible and the healing time is much faster in comparison to the FUT procedure. But then when we talk about scarring and another aftermath of the condition, then you come to the realization that there is close to no marks left behind because there is the transportation of single follicular unit being taken out. Yes, there might be puncture holes close to 1mm in diameter, but then other than this, there is nothing but seamless transaction of hair follicles from donor to host. And also even if there is any kind of scarring then, they will heal up within three to seven days.

FUT aka follicular unit transplantation.

The main differentiation between FUE and FUT is the way that the hair follicle is being grafted. In FUT, a small portion of the hair tissue is harvested from the back of the head and then clinically treated and then set accordingly on the host. This allows for further flexibility in grafting and also brings about a much greater change as well. Thus making it much more common amongst must of the hair transplant doctor to utilize this method over others. But then considering the method, there is greater discomfort in this method as there is greater removal of hair tissue and this can result in swelling and even adverse pain scenarios to arise. Other than this, pain medication is advice that can help in the overall treatment of the condition and also paves way for greater recovery phases as well. Also in the department of scarring, there are significant scarring lines, but then they are very minute and don’t appear to be visible after a couple of weeks.

Hence do your research well and do the needful to get the best out of your hair transplant
procedure. All the best.

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