FUE in High Grade of Baldness and How to Choose the Right Technique

Hair loss and pattern baldness

Pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss, experienced by men. Scientifically male pattern baldness is known as androgenetic alopecia. This is a problem faced by almost all men. As a man ages, he experiences thinning of hair, for some, it is less and for some it is high. The thinning of hair usually starts at the temple and then increases to the hairline. Pattern baldness mostly affects the front and the crown areas of the head. Sides and back of the head are usually not affected by pattern baldness.

The reason for baldness may either be genetics or the lifestyle. Hair growth in men is regulated by the male hormone androgen. With age, hair follicles begin to shrink and start producing finer, thinner hair. As this shrinking continues, eventually, the growth of new hair from the follicles stops which result in balding of that area.

Hair loss is not the same for all men; with some, the problem is much more acute than others. The levels of pattern baldness can be calculated by a scale called the Norwood scale. This scale helps the physicians and surgeon to diagnose whether or not a person is suitable for a hair transplant. The various levels of the Norwood scale are described below.

Level 1: Hair loss has just started at this stage. Hair, at this stage, has started thinning but no
significant hair loss occurs.

Level 2: At this level hair loss starts. A person at this stage starts losing the hair around their
temples. However, balding is not very acute at this stage.

Level 3: Significant balding can be seen at this stage. The hairline decreases at both the temples
giving an M kind of pattern. There are either very less or no hair at the balding site.

Level 4: At this stage, the hair loss is much severe compared to levels 2 and 3. Hair loss at the
crown also starts and the hair loss at the temples increases. Only a thick band of hair is seen
between the front and the crown areas of the head.

Level 5: The hair loss at the crown and front areas of the head continues; narrowing the band of
hair between the two areas.

Level 6: The balding areas in the front fuse with the balding areas at the crown. The band of
hair, seen at level 5, disappears.

Level 7: This is the most acute level of baldness. At this stage, hair loss covers almost the whole
head. There exists only a band of hair at the back and sides of the head.

How to cure baldness

Hair loss is a very common problem with men and many options of treatment are available in the market. At levels 1, 2, and sometimes 3, medication is seen as the baldness cure. Home remedy for baldness can also be tried for levels 1 and 2. When the hair loss continues to levels 4, 5 and 6; medication can’t help much. For these levels, baldness treatment like hair transplantation may be recommended. For levels 7 and above, hair transplantation cannot be recommended as the hair density at the donor site decreases considerably at these levels. New cures for baldness of these levels are being researched.

When to choose a hair transplant

Hair transplant is a very good option for people facing levels 4, 5, and 6 of baldness. At these levels, there are ample hairs at the donor site i.e. the back and sides of the head. Thus, the desired outcome, from hair transplantation, may be yield at these levels. The most common technique used for hair transplantation nowadays is the FUE technique. In this technique, hair follicles from sides and back of the head are extracted through a fine needle (0.6mm – 1mm thick) and are transplanted to the balding areas. As the FUE technique uses the hair from sides and back of the head, it is recommended to go for the technique at levels 4 and 5 of baldness. This is due to the fact that at higher levels the density of hair at the donor site reduces considerably and the desired result can’t be attained.

Why choose us?

Although, Norwood scale categorizes hair loss pattern very well; the balding pattern for each man is different. We, at our clinic, abide to serve you as per your requirements and desires. We know that FUE technique hair transplantation costs a lot, and we wish to provide you the services worth each penny. Our team of trained and skilled consultants and surgeons keenly observes your balding pattern before the treatment, and lists for you the best possible treatments.

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