How to Find Best Hair Transplant Clinic

How to Find Best Hair Transplant Clinic

If you have been going through a severe loss of hair, doesn’t matter if you are an adult or teenager, it is a matter of real concern for you and can be very traumatic. I am telling this as I have gone through this concern and also made it go away. It was not easy noticing my hair thinning and losing my hair volume. As a started suffering from baldness I tried what not to stop this, I went for home remedies and chemical products and hair loss treatment too, but sometimes its already too late for them to work their magic on your hair. And as I was still very persistent about the idea of growing my hair back, hair transplant came as the last option for me to restore the full volume of hair on my head. Being having a real experience of the hair transplantation, here I will be answering some of the frequently asked questions according to what I have perceived.

At first, you should know that hair transplant is not as easy as using ointments on your hair for their growth. For me, it was quite a tedious process and so I would suggest that it should strictly be done under expert guidance as I did.  Some of the patients think that having a hair transplant is a random cosmetic treatment and it can be done from any of the local salon or from any hair expert. But this is a wrong assumption and is not safe as this is a medical procedure which has to be done only by professional doctors. There have been cases when in extreme situation, hair transplant has lead to death.

As of current news in my memory, a 22-year-old boy who was a medical student from a college of Chennai died after two days of his hair transplant. The reason was the complications generated post the transplant which he has done from a local salon. So if you are ever going to opt for a hair transplant, I will suggest you take an expert’s advice and guidance before it because you would not want to die due to negligence and ignorance.

So the question is now that how to find the best doctor or the best clinic for hair transplantation. First of all, you should know not all the hair experts are qualified. Hair loss for sure is very frightening, but never agree on the lower quality of the service provided when undergoing hair transplantation. Earlier Hair transplant treatment was only available in big hospitals but now hair transplant, as well as other cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers, are now available even at small clinics and beauty salons.

With so many option and it being very common practice this is possible that you don’t notice that many experts who perform these medical procedures are may be non-medical professionals or under-qualified doctors. It is very essential to have the medical expertise for hair transplantation and therefore, you should go to only a certified dermatologist.

Also always keep in mind not to fall for misleading advertisements. When I was gong through my hair transplant counseling my doctor told me that sometimes when people are looking for hair transplantation, they go by ads in newspapers or clinics which offer lower prices, which should never be done.

You should always go to a qualified dermatologist who gives the treatment that meets your expectations. Because even if these clinics with lower prices perform the hair transplant somehow, they don’t have an infrastructure to support the type of treatment a particular patient is looking for. You should do a counseling with a trained and licensed doctor for the Hair transplantation. Also before going to to the doctor, I will suggest you do your part of research about the clinic and the doctors working there.

I did all of the above things before my hair transplant and my experience after my hair transplant treatment was good and I was satisfied with my results. Hopefully, it will help answer some of your questions regarding the hair transplantation surgery.[/fusion_text][fusion_text] [/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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