Facial Hair Transplant Options for Men and Women

Facial Hair Transplant Options for Men and Women


Hair is one of the parts of a human body that not just plays a biological role in protection but also plays an aesthetic role. Whether you are a man or woman having facial hair at just the right places can make or break your whole look. For men it might be more in relation to the beard and the eyebrows but for men it is majorly about the eyebrows. Facial hairs for men can make them appear manlier while for women it can make their features appear sharper and aesthetically pleasing. With the advancement in science and technology that has been made in the past few decades, it is now possible for anybody to have just the right face or facial hairs at just the right spots or places. You can get any hair specialist in Jaipur or any other place to perform a hair transplant for you. Various procedures like eyebrow restructuring, scar filling, beard reshaping, and various other can be performed quite easily by any hair specialist in Jaipur or any other place. And to fully understand this topic we’ll first be looking at the various aspects of it

What are the major procedures for facial hair transplant in men and women?

  1. Facial Hair Restoration

This is one of the most common procedures performed and quite a common procedure for men who are unable to grow facial hair or want to have a more defined beard. The facial hair might be scanty due to genetics, surgical scarring, aging, various diseases, and many other factors. However this procedure is pain-free and very effective. The facial hairs you acquire after the transplant grows in a similar pattern and texture as any other facial hair might. The hair appears natural and the procedure isn’t quite long either. Neither is the recovery period too long. 3 weeks after the transplantation the hairs would fall off and start growing again after 3 months. It is also recommended that you do not shave for at least the starting 3 weeks after the transplant as that scar the transplanted hair follicles and prevent you from growing proper facial hair after the 3 month period.

  1. Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrows are a very important part of our face as they not only allow us to express our various emotions from surprise to anger to concentration and also make our features appear sharper and put together. But sometimes people are unable to grow proper eyebrow hair or they might have lost them to a certain disease or accident. This eyebrow restoration procedure is perfect for those individuals out there who have lost their eyebrow hairs or have scanty eyebrow hairs. The hairs after the procedure appear normal and natural. The procedure isn’t of a longer duration and can be performed by any hair specialist in Jaipur or any other place.

What are the other important factors that need to be kept in mind while considering a facial hair transplant in men or women?

  1. Both of these procedures can be performed in 2 to 5 hours depending on the volume of hair you want to be transplanted.
  2. Both the procedures are permanent and are very durable.
  3. The hair is taken from your hair scalp itself so it is your own hair but they do not feel like the hair on your head and would appear just like any other facial hair which anybody else in the world might have.
  4. It is advised to take a day off on the day of the procedure so that you are relaxed and not rushing throughout the day.
  5. Sometimes if the procedure does not yield sufficient results then it is performed again by the hair transplant specialist.
  6. Another thing that needs to be considered is that even though hair transplant is a very minor procedure but it is still a surgical procedure which can have quite a few complications. It is advised that you have an open conversation with the hair specialist regarding various complications that might arise during the procedure or after the procedure is done.

These are all the major information that you need to know before looking out for the best possible clinic for your facial hair transplant issues.



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