Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery, also known as Rhytidectomy, is one of the best facial rejuvenation procedures. It helps to get rid of loose, sagging facial skin, and other signs of ageing that make you look older than your age. ALCS offers one of the Facelift Surgery in Jaipur.

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    Let us understand facelift surgery in simple words. This surgical process aims at reducing aging signs by removing extra skin and tightening the remaining skin. The procedure makes you look younger and beautiful and work effectively for your face. The major areas where the skin is worked upon during this surgery involve cheek, neck, region surrounding ears, chin and temple areas. Facelift surgery can be chosen by both males and females.

    During Rhytidectomy, a plastic surgeon removes excess skin on your face, tightens facial tissues and muscles, and reshapes the skin to give you a youthful appearance. It can also help to get rid of double chin, midface sagging, marionette lines and similar common problems faced by people. Moreover, a facelift procedure can successfully deal with all these problems and that is why it has the maximum satisfaction rate among people.

    Facelift surgery is commonly performed with other facial rejuvenation and cosmetic procedures.

    ALCS surgeons are expert in giving you the desired youthful look and can give you the best facelift surgery in Jaipur. At ALCS clinic, you get the best facelift procedure from the best plastic surgeon in Rajasthan.


    Your plastic surgeon will tell you if you really need a facelift procedure after carrying a thorough examination. However, there are some general indicators that can tell if you are a good candidate for Rhytidectomy:


    When you have decided to go through facelift procedure, you must carefully follow all instructions by your cosmetic surgeon. You also need to keep in mind the following points before the facelift surgery:

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    The surgery is performed in three steps as given below:
    After a few weeks of successful facelift surgery, the patients start to see their new, revived, improved and rejuvenated face look.



    The cost of facelift procedure varies from person to person depending on the technique used, the experience of the plastic surgeon, and the complexity of the surgery. You can consult with your plastic surgeon to discuss these aspects in advance before the surgery.

    More than costs, you must take care that your doctor is well trained and experienced as it is a matter of your beauty! At ALCS Clinic, you get the best facelift surgery in Jaipur by experienced plastic surgeons who take care of each and every aspect of your personality before giving you the natural, younger face!


    Initially, the scars appear in red form but they gradually fade away with time. The scars get fully matured in 6 months to a year. The scars are visible but they stay hidden in form of fine line.
    A little amount of pain can be experienced after this surgery and the same can be treated well with oral pain medicines.
    Though, the surgery is performed as an outpatient but your doctor might also advice you to stay in the hospital for a day or two. Let your doctor decide the best condition for you!
    This surgery might require 3 or more hours. However, this duration varies from patient to patient.
    The side effects of this surgery might include a little pain, discomfort, swelling, bleeding or some other effects too. But thankfully, these effects problems can be rectified through proper medication