Choose ALCS! Here’s Why?

There are many reasons to choose ALCS Cosmetic clinic as your private healthcare and cosmetic provider of choice. Choose from one among many options below to find out more:

Our Expertise

Our reputation for outstanding clinical care, excellence with cosmetic procedures and friendly atmosphere, together with a continuous investment in technology and facilities ensures we attract leading consultants and specialists to work with us. We work with thousands of the most experienced consultants and healthcare specialists from across the India.

Many of our consultant doctors are internationally recognised as leaders in their respective field. They are granted the right to practice at ALCS Cosmetic clinic facilities on the basis of meeting exacting criteria, overseen by our Medical Advisory Committees. Our consultants agree to comply with our Clinical Governance programme which regulates patient care, even whilst practising at our facilities.

Not only the doctors are highly qualified and proficient in their work but all our nurses also are fully qualified and registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Our Pioneering Technology

At ALCS Cosmetic clinic we are committed to providing our patients with:

● advanced medical, surgical and oncological treatments.
● access to the latest drugs.
● acquiring the best treatment technology available.
● the latest digital technology to support clinical and patient administration system

Cost-efficient Quality Care

ALCS Cosmetic clinic is committed to providing effective, high quality, cost-efficient healthcarein its award winning hospitals and clinics. We provide care to both patients those who wish to pay for their own care or the ones with insurance.

We are able to provide, following services for our self funding or self pay patient :

● free no-obligation quotes for a wide range of consultations, treatments and tests
● Value -for-money treatments and services.

● Treatment when you need it.

Our Quality and Outcomes

ALCS Cosmetic clinic strives to be the leading provider of independent healthcare, excelling in the provision of quality healthcare services and is committed to the highest quality standards of patient care.​

ALCS Cosmetic clinic approaches to quality informs our daily decisions as we aim to continually improve and excel in all we do.This is evidenced by our reputation in ensuring that we continuously make improvements to the services we provide to our patients and for our high quality performance.


Reason number 1… Our clinic has got a five star rating on the comparison website ‘Right Clinic’

Reason number 2… We offer a huge range of procedures from breast enlargement surgery through to laser hair restoration, eye lifts and treatments to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Reason number 3… We’re always at the forefront of technology finding new and innovative ways to help you look amazing

Reason number 4… We always recommend at least two consultations so we can listen to all your concerns and give you the information you need before making a final decision

Reason number 5… Whether you’re a long term client or you’re meeting us for the first time, everyone receives the same warm welcome, expert advice and high standards of care

Reason number 6… Our aftercare is impeccable and your surgeon will even have tea and toast waiting for you after your treatment

Reason number 7… Our service is tailored to suit you, we’ll open early morning, late at night, you could even contact us Christmas day if you needed to.

Reason number 8… All our treatments, including surgery can be done in our local clinics so no need to go to a huge hospital far away from home

Reason number 9… Our regular patients are like family, you’ll be cared with respect and dignity every step of the way

Reason number 10… Our skin treatments have given hundreds of patients their confidence back with painless procedures that are affordable too

Reason number 11… We are the only provider of revolutionary treatment solutions for
previously untreatable conditions, using targeted UVB delivery systems.

Reason number 12… We always have your long term goal in mind so we’ll help you create a
treatment plan that gets you the results you’re hoping for.

Reason number 13…We have patients that come back time and time again and travel hundreds
of miles to see us. Many patients with good and satisfied experience has given us fantastic
feedback that has helped us shape our business to meet the needs of our clients.

Reason number 14…We’ve been improving people’s confidence for over 15 years, and we’d
love to help you too!

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