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Reduction mammoplasty is the plastic surgery procedure for reducing the size of large breasts. ALCS offers the best Breast Reduction Surgery in Jaipur.

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    Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that reduces the size of your breasts if you have big breasts or uneven breasts(One slightly small breast than the other) to create a more aesthetically pleasing breast contour that is in proportion to your overall body weight.

    Breast surgeons use breast reduction to remove excess fat, excess breast tissue, stretched skin and stop breast sagging and makes you feel lighter and give you firm breasts.

    While numerous patients pick breast reduction surgery to lighten physical side effects, for example, back, neck or shoulder torment, bear notches, or distress while working out, the restorative advantages of breast reduction cannot be ignored:

    You feel your breast uplift and firm, making you look younger


    1.You have to meet certain requirements before getting on the thought process that will aim to get a full understanding of why you want the surgery, and manage your expectations in the same way – it’s a serious procedure, and they need to make sure it’s the right move for you.

    2.You won’t necessarily have your breast size drop in sequence
    You probably imagine that your breast reduction surgery will drop a cup size – if you’re a D, you’ll go to a C, for instance – but (based on what’s seen or what seems obvious), it’s not as simple as that.
    ‘Having an image in mind of what you want to look like and sharing the vision with your cosmetic surgeon is a good idea.

    But you’ll want to be flexible when you’re imagining your cup size because the truth is it’s very hard to describe the cup size you’ll end up with after a reduction. Your cup size isn’t as important as making sure that your new breasts are, balanced and they complement your figure.’

    3.It’s painful, but not terrible
    you can expect to feel some soreness the first couple of days after your breast reduction surgery procedure but there won’t be extreme pain’ – but remember that the (things that happen after other things) in breast surgery aren’t the end of it.
    Many patients say it’s the little things that catch you out – the feeling of having your stitches removed, for instance, or the itchiness of the scabbing on your scars, although they usually also say that’s it’s manageable but it’s not that easy.
    when you’re driving home, if there’s a route that’s less bumpy, take that one.

    4.You’ll need about six weeks to recover (and that’s not all)
    Your breast surgeon will advise how much time you will require off work (this will be about between two to four weeks depending on your job), how long you will need to wear your after-surgery bra for and when you will be able to begin regular activities.
    You will need someone to look after you to relieve you of your general hard jobs, such as shopping, household duties and childcare.
    You’ll feel tired for the first few weeks following your breast reduction surgery and we advise to avoid exercise for 6 weeks after the surgery.
    ‘ You’ll also need to wear an after-surgery bra or sports bra for up to three months later/after that, day and night – there’s still a long road to travel after the breast surgery operation is over.

    5.You’re not getting it for your ‘dream’ boobs (breast)
    Breast reductions are carried out to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain and improve your quality of life, rather than cosmetic reasons, and although lots of women are much happier with their boobs after surgery/after that, everybody is different, and you might not come out 100% thrilled with their appearance.
    Most people warn that you will have to scar and that a big reduction can change both the shape and look of your chest, and they’ll still have a habit/desire to droop over time.
    Plus, your breasts can still be affected by pregnancy and weight loss or gain, so it’s worth being aware that your boobs straight after surgery might not be the boobs you have forever.

    6.You might lose nipple feeling/excited feeling
    There are always risks connected with any kinds of surgery – infection, blot clots, a (likely to have a strong, bad body reaction) reaction to pain-killing-related – but breast reductions come with their own particular set of (things that make it more likely that someone will get a disease) too, and one of these is losing some or all of the feeling in your nipples.
    Usually, the loss of feeling is (only lasting for a short time), although in some rarer cases, it is permanent – you generally have to wait a year or two after breast surgery to be sure.
    (every once in a while), you can get hyper-feeling/excited feeling, which is where there’s too much feeling; either way, it can really affect your sex life, so it’s worth speaking to your doctor if you have any concerns.

    7.It can hit/affect your ability to breastfeed
    This will depend upon the extent of the surgery, but breast reduction will influence breastfeeding. ‘With breast reduction, usually there is breast tissue that is removed and the nipple and areola must be moved up.
    Where the tissue is divided, this means a reduction of milk ducts and of milk-producing glands and in result a lower milk production.
    ‘ It’s this slowing down of milk that can make breastfeeding harder after your surgery. Some women even choose to wait until they feel their family is complete before going under the knife.


    After you’ve planned your breast surgery appointment — now what? This is the ideal opportunity for you to have worries, circled searching for bras, encounter tension and have your life in a positive and high-energy change.
    For some, this is a very upsetting time, however, it doesn’t need to be. It’s (usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy) for you to think you are “going crazy” now that surgery is half a month away.
    Simply take the strong encouragement of past patients of your surgeon if available and things will go much more easily

    The Preoperative Appointment

    On the off chance that you plan a breast reduction surgery date you will more than likely timetable a pre-surgery visit too.
    This will involve another visit to the surgeon’s clinic and blood work to check your red and white platelet thinks about/believes as a real part of different things.This is often called a CBC test for finish blood count/total.
    This will distinguish any previous issue, for paleness, leukaemia or lymphoma, and whether your body may fight a disease.
    As a rule before the breast surgery, just a CBC is performed, and in addition a pregnancy test on the off chance that you are of childbearing age.
    Also, in the event that you are a smoker, please quit now. It will incredibly decrease your danger of breast tissue and areola. Try not to take any risks with this. This is your life.
    You might be told to get a breast exam, especially in the event that you are 35 or over (a few specialists educate their more young patients to get a breast exam also), so be ready.
    You also should be given a list of medicines that you should stop or completely avoid taking before breast reduction surgery. These drugs will, mostly, be headache medicine containing items and add to/helpful additions that may limit/hold down clump development or cause issues with anaesthesia.
    You’ll be given a list of things don’ts before breast reduction surgery and a list of items to buy, things icepacks to help the swelling and wounding.
    You will be given or requested to buy cleaner, for purifying a couple of days before surgery (to kill staph and another surface (very tiny living things) that are usually on your skin).
    Surgeons recommend using Germ-killing cleaner. You will, mostly, need to get a bandage or different sorts of dressings to watch out for your incision.

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    Breast reduction surgery helps to remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin with help of incisions on your breasts with surgical tools like cannula. Breast reduction surgery may also be done through simple liposuction techniques in case there are only fatty tissues no excess skin left after breast reduction technique. The technique used for your breast reduction depends on if you have big breast, breast composition, amount of reduction you want, your personal preferences and the surgeon’s advice etc.

    Use of Anesthesia for breast surgery
    Medications are administered to sedate you or put you to sleep for your own comfort during breast reduction surgery. It is done using local or general anaesthesia whichever may be required depending on the surgery time and complications of avoiding pain.

    Making an incision
    Incision alternatives during breast reduction surgery include: A roundabout incision around the areola The incision lines that remain after the breast surgery are permanent breast scars, albeit can normally be hidden underneath a bathing suit or bra. A keyhole or racquet-moulded with an incision around the areola and vertically down to the breast wrinkle.An altered T or stay moulded incision design is created.

    Removing breast tissue and repositioning breast
    After the incision is made, the areola (which stays fastened to its unique blood and nerve supply) is then repositioned. The areola is lessened by extracting skin at the border, if important. Hidden breast tissue is decreased, lifted and moulded. At times, for big breasts or loose hanging, the areola and areola may be removed and transplanted to a higher position on the breast (free areola unite).

    Closing the incisions
    For small breasts, incisions are brought together to reshape them. Sutures are layered deep within the breast tissue to create and support the newly shaped breasts with skin adhesives or surgical tapes to close the skin. Incision lines are permanent, but in most cases will fade away with time and significantly improve over time post breast reduction surgery.

    Visible outcomes
    The aftereffects of your breast reduction surgery are promptly obvious. After some time, post-surgical swelling will resolve and incision lines will blur. Fulfillment with your new picture should keep on growing as you recoup.


    Breast reduction costs can vary widely. The average cost of breast reduction is high but it may vary depends on multiple factors like:-

    Breast reduction costs may include:

    When choosing a plastic surgeon for breast reduction, remember that the surgeon’s experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the final breast reduction surgery costs.

    Breast reduction and health insurance

    Many health insurance plans do not cover breast reduction surgery. You may need to inquire about its coverage from your insurer for the breast reduction surgery.

    This may require a letter and the submission of photographs. Once an authorization is obtained, you will be able to schedule your surgery.
    You will be responsible for any co-pays or deductible required by your insurer. If your health plan does not cover breast reduction surgery, you may decide to pay for the surgery yourself.


    What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?
    Like every other medical procedure and surgery breast reduction surgery to carries risks. Advances in medical technology and anaesthesia mean that surgery is very safe.
    However, nothing in life is 100% and this also applies to cosmetic surgery. Even surgery even if done by by the best cosmetic surgeon (that operate on people) can be risky.
    Breast reduction surgery is still a major surgical procedure and because it involves a general pain-killer, there are some risks involved.
    This surgery is performed on thousands of women and it has the highest satisfaction rate out of all cosmetic procedures. But, difficulties can happen.
    The main risks are as follows:

    There are risks and there are side effects. The side effects are nausea and (feeling of spinning around and almost falling) after having a general pain-killing-related and pain and discomfort. However, these are (only lasting for a short time) effects.
    Long-term effects of breast fat reduction techniques include reduced ability to breastfeed. If there has been a major loss of milk ducts or the nipples and areolas were moved then there is likely to be a loss of nipple feeling.
    This will have results for those women who are looking to start a family and breastfeed.
    You may find that the breast reduction surgery has left you with unbalanced or uneven breasts. If so then you may require breast (left and right side not matching) surgery to correct this.
    Scarring can be a problem. Breast reduction surgery does produce long/big scarring but these generally fade over time. However, there is the risk of these bursting. If this happens then you would need scar redoing breast surgery.
    Nipple death is the condition in which the areola or nipple dies as a result of breast surgery. This is though very rare.
    Note: ALCS assures you of highly effective breast reduction surgery in Jaipur by the expert hands of the best plastic surgeon in Rajasthan. Feel free to consult us for having an easy, affordable breast reduction in Jaipur.


    The quality of breast reduction surgery depends on the skills of the cosmetic surgeon. Hence the type of plastic surgeon you choose will decide the outcome of your breast reduction surgery. It is better for you if you choose the best surgeon (The one with maximum years of experience in cosmetic surgeries)
    Like in case of the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur, DR. Sunil Arora from ALCS Jaipur is considered best among cosmetic surgeons in Jaipur.
    You still look for answers to the below questions when choosing the best cosmetic surgeons near you

    If you are unsatisfied with the plastic surgeon you meet, you should meet with various other surgeons before deciding upon one. Considering how necessary it is to have the best results from the surgery as it is your body, and you have to live with the results. Therefore, do not end your search until you feel confident with the right breast reduction surgeon. If you are in the hands of a right plastic surgeon, you can be assured of extremely positive results of breast reduction procedure. In fact, breast reduction ranks one of the highest in patient satisfaction among plastic surgeons.

    Contact ALCS for breast reduction surgery in Jaipur under the care and guidance of one of the best plastic surgeons in India. You can also avail several other cosmetic surgery procedures at affordable costs at ALCS clinic.

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