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Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure that raises and firms the breasts. Excess skin is removed to tighten the surrounding tissue and to reshape and support the new breast contour. ALCS offers the best Breast Lift Surgery in Jaipur.

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A breast lift surgery, otherwise called mastopexy, raises the breasts by evacuating abundance skin and fixing the encompassing tissue to reshape and bolster the new breast shape.

New insights from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicate breast lifts have grown 70% since 2000, outpacing breast inserts 2-to-1.

In some cases, the areola ends up plainly extended after some time, a breast lift will lessen this too.

A breast lift can revive your figure with a breast profile that is more young and uplifted. A lady’s breasts regularly change after some time, losing their young shape and immovability. A breast lift can revive your figure with a breast profile that is more young and uplifted. A lady’s breasts regularly change after some time, losing their young shape and immovability. Note: ALCS experts give you personalized attention in a safe and secure environment with 100% privacy and give you the best advice for a breast lift surgery in Jaipur. Before opting for mastopexy, you must understand the potential risks as well as benefits of this female breast surgery.


The best advantage of a breast lift is the general impact it can have on your figure, giving you firmer, perkier breasts that things like breast enlargement creams and other products cannot reach.

Your bust line will be more characterized, certain apparel will fit better, and you will have a young look. On the off chance that you have lost a lot of weight, the breast lift will add the completing touches to a trim, fit new figure. Thusly, this can have a huge positive effect on your confidence.

Lift Drooping Breasts

Hanging big breasts result from extended skin and loss of volume. Frequently, these impacts are the aftereffect of broad weight reduction, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or straightforward maturing.
Breast lift surgery is intended to enhance the look of the listing and hanging breasts by evacuating abundance skin and lifting the internal breast tissue.
A breast lift can likewise enhance the shape or symmetry of your breasts. When you join the technique with breast implants, it can additionally improve your figure.

Re-establish Youthful Appearance

Elegant looking breasts lay high on your chest and are proportionate to the rest of your body. As you age, your skin will start to extend and you will lose volume in your breasts.
This will make a saggy look which is exacerbated by breastfeeding or over the top weight reduction. By using breast implants and lifting the breast, your specialist can give you a perkier and more young appearance.
Numerous ladies report that their figures look years more youthful after breast lift surgery.

Loose Clothing Options

On the off chance that you are conscious about your breast shape if you have small breasts or big breast etc, you may see shopping for garments as disappointing and disheartening.
You may abstain from wearing fitted apparel, or you may wear things that conceal your body. By making a firmer and well-shaped body, a breast lift or bust lift can give you a large group of garments alternatives.
You may find that bras and garments fit better. You may even have the capacity to wear new styles and cuts with certainty.

Improve Self-Esteem

Hanging breasts can effectively affect your general self-assurance. A breast lift can enhance your confidence by making you look fit, more youthful looking breasts. Your enhanced level of certainty can upgrade your general personal satisfaction.

You may feel sexier and more certain about sentimental connections. You may likewise feel greater setting off to the shoreline, laying out at the pool, or participating in a more extensive scope of physical exercises.

Enhance Physical Health

Mastopexy is fundamentally a restorative system, performed to improve your appearance. All things considered, the treatment can likewise enhance your physical prosperity and decrease uneasiness.
For example, hanging breasts can cause extreme disturbance under the breast wrinkle. Now and again, your hanging breasts can likewise prompt back and neck strain.
In spite of the fact that specialists all the more normally treat these issues with small breast, a breast lift may in some cases be a superior alternative.


Depending on the amount of breast sagging, your plastic surgeon may choose the technique of breast lift from the following types of incision patterns:
  • Anchor incision- It is the oldest technique often used with breast reduction. It is commonly used if you have severe sagging. The incision is made along the perimeter of the areola. This technique, however, leaves the maximum amount of scarring.
  • Lollipop lift- Also known as keyhole incision, this technique can help you if you have moderate sagging but do not want breast implants.
  • Donut lift- It is also called periareolar incision. You can use this technique with breast implants if you have significant sagging of breasts.
  • Crescent Lift- It is less commonly used than other techniques. The incision is made along the upper half of the areola. If you have minor sagging, your plastic surgeon may recommend you this procedure along with breast augmentation.


No two breast lift patients require the same correct approach. Surgical strategies and cut areas will differ in light of a patient’s life systems, existing breast tissue and symmetry, and her coveted appearance after surgery.

There is a wide range of sorts of breast lifts, and ALCS will utilize the breast lift procedure that is most appropriate to your requirements.

Peri-areolar or “Doughnut” Lift

A “doughnut lift” alludes to a methodology in which the scar is restricted to the periphery of your areola.
This short-scar lift functions admirably in ladies who have little breasts and negligible hang. As a general rule, this breast lift technique is just appropriate to a little level of patients.

Vertical or “Candy” Lift

“Candy” lifts deliver a scar along the periphery of your areola and vertically between your areola and the wrinkle underneath your breast.
A vertical lift permits removal of a sufficient measure of skin to accomplish a stylishly satisfying breast lift for reasonably hanging breasts.

Rearranged T or “Grapple” Lift

For bigger breasts or more broad hanging, breast uplifts that leaves an anchor-shaped scar is preferred by the breast lift surgeon. This scar looks like the anchor, however, includes a scar on the wrinkle underneath your breast.
The length of the scar in that wrinkle can change its length depending on the whole width of the breast, contingent upon the level of listing.
While this scar is longer, this lift delivers a look of a big breast and keeps up its outcome longer than alternate sorts of lifts in many patients.
The scars, for the most part, mend well and blur pleasantly in time, and the scar underneath the breast is once in a while observed. This is likewise the cut example regularly utilized for breast reduction.


Is it accurate to say that you are a contender for a breast lift?

Would breast implants be a good option for you?

What would you be able to expect amid recuperation?

Here are 10 things consider.
  • A breast lift, or mastopexy, raises and firms your breasts, giving them a more energetic look. The specialist fulfils this by evacuating the excess skin, moving the areolas to another, higher position, and suturing the rest of the tissue together to make a sling – basically a characteristic help bra – that raises and reshapes your breasts.
  • To decide whether you are a contender for a lift, attempt the “pencil test.” Take off your bra and look in the mirror. Place a pencil on a level plane along the wrinkle under your breast where your bra band would rest. Does your areola – not your areola – rest above, beneath, or at the pencil?
  • If your areola is the pencil, unwind. You are likely not a possibility for breast lift surgery. Utilize a portion of the cash you put something aside for new, uplifting bras.
  • If your areola hangs underneath the pencil, your breasts would be considered tolerable to extremely ptotic (or sagging) and you would require a breast lift or a breast implant to raise and reshape your breasts.
  • If your areola is at the pencil and your breasts are somewhat saggy, it’s a marginal circumstance. You may get a decent outcome with breast implants alone on the grounds that a breast enhancing surgery can give the figment of a lift. As the embed rounds out the upper bit of the breast, it additionally rounds out the lower divide, which influences it to show up as though the areola is found higher on the breast. After around 9 months, when the breast implants have settled, you’ll have a superior thought on the off chance that you are sufficiently peppy. You can simply get a lift later if necessary.
  • After a lift, your breasts will be an indistinguishable size from where they were before surgery in light of the fact that the main abundance, excess skin is removed during breast lift; no breast tissue is taken away. You’ll look precisely what you look like before surgery when you are wearing a decent bra.
  • To decide whether you require a breast lift and breast implants, put on your bra and look in the mirror. In the event that you are happy with the span of your breasts, at that point, a breast lift alone may be the correct technique for you. On the off chance that you wish your breasts were bigger, you are most likely a contender for a breast lift and implants (an enlargement mastopexy).
  • Women report negligible distress after breast lift surgery. That is on the grounds that a breast lift includes evacuating just free, extended skin. On the off chance that implants are included in the meantime, the skin and muscle will be extended, which may cause somewhat more distress.
  • More than 90 percent of my patients are back to take a shot on the fifth day after breast lift surgery in the event that they work in an office setting. Ladies whose work requires lifting, pushing or pulling ordinarily backpedal to progress in the direction of the finish of the second week.
  • It’s presumable that breast lift surgery won’t influence your capacity to breastfeed on the grounds that your drain conduits, which keep running from the mammary organs to the areola, are not exasperates. Just skin from the border of the areola is expelled, and there are no drain pipes there.

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A breast lift can give you discernibly firmer, perkier breasts. Despite the fact that you will presumably see a prompt change in your figure, the last aftereffects of your surgery won’t be clear for a while.
As swelling dies down and your breasts change in accordance with their new shape, you will start to appreciate the full impacts of your system.

The consequences of your breast lift surgery can keep going for a considerable length of time, in spite of the fact that the correct time period varies for every patient.
A breast lift strategy can’t stop the impacts of time and gravity. By and by, there are sure things you can do to keep up your outcomes for a considerable length of time to come. In the first place, hold a solid weight.
Huge weight movements will harm the connective tissue and extend your skin. Second, saturate your skin, utilize sunscreen, and maintain a strategic distance from coordinate sun exposure.
At long last, don’t go braless. Bras are not just a social development. They give essential help to your breast tissue. When you disregard your bra, your breast tissues may begin to separate, prompting extreme problems.

Reasonable Expectations

Before experiencing mastopexy, it is vital to have reasonable assumptions about your treatment comes about. Despite the fact that a breast lift can influence you to look fundamentally more youthful, it can’t get back to former days totally.

After your surgery, you ought to expect firmer bust and feel that your breast uplift.
You can likewise anticipate a more young figure generally. Notwithstanding, you ought not to hope to look precisely the way you completed twenty years prior, particularly on the off chance that you have had a child or lost a sensational measure of weight.
When you go ahead with a practical viewpoint, you are probably going to be very satisfied with the consequences of your breast lift treatment.

Guaranteeing Good Results

Keeping up an open correspondence with your specialist is a standout amongst other approaches to guarantee great surgical outcomes.
Be particular when conversing with your specialist about your objectives for the breast lift surgery or breast enhancement surgery. You may even need to acquire pictures of other individuals or of yourself when you were more youthful.
In the event that your drooping breasts cause physical distress, educate your specialist concerning this, also.
At the point when your specialist realizes what you want to accomplish, he or she can make a treatment intend to achieve those objectives all the more adequately.
You ought to likewise remain completely educated about your treatment alternatives and work with your dental practitioner to build up your custom treatment design.


The surgery for a breast lift will take about 2 – 3 hours and would require you to stay in the hospital for a day or two. You would need to be in town for about a week for the procedure. A total of 10 days are sufficient for you to have a breast lift in India, recover and go back.
At ALCS we recognize the significance of excellent health and well-being of our patients and hence our objective is to provide best breast lift in Jaipur, Rajasthan at honest affordable prices.
Most affordable cost of breast lift surgery in India.

The cost of breast lift surgery in Jaipur starts from around INR 150,000 (approx. USD 2,500) onwards depending on the choice technique and time you take to recover.
ALCS Jaipur takes personalized interest to design a tailor-made treatment plan for every patient and provide you with a specific time and cost of breast lift surgery.
When you approach ALCS for a breast lift surgery in Jaipur, you get a mastopexy procedure under the expert hands of the best cosmetic surgeon in Rajasthan. So, feel free to contact us if you want to get rid of drooping or sagging breasts.


Transitory Side Effects

General uneasiness after a breast lift surgery is common. Consider having somebody help at home for a couple of days, as you will have a restricted scope of movement.

Following your breast lift surgery, you should avoid treating sickness or minor health issues with over-the-counter painkillers or self-medication medicine.
In the event that you fall seriously ill, you should contact your specialist promptly, as this might be a critical contamination or another intricacy.

Swelling and scars

After your breast lift surgery, you might notice that you have swollen big breast and delicate with minor scars around the entry point locales.
The uneasiness ought to disappear in a couple of days, and swelling ought to go down within one to two weeks. Scars around the incision will normally fade in seven to ten days.

Changes in breast Sensation

Perpetual inconveniences following a breast lift method are remarkable. Be that as it may, you may encounter a brief loss of feeling or elevated sensation around your areola and areola.

This will, for the most part, disseminate following a couple of days. Amid your breast lift surgery, the surgeon won’t remove your areola and areola from the fundamental tissues or nerves.
In this manner, there is, for the most part, a little hazard for perpetual loss of feeling.
Tingling Following your breast uplift surgery, you may encounter some tingling and redness, particularly as your scars heal. Anti-infection balm can lighten tingling.
You ought to likewise abstain from scratching the region, as this can open up the incisions and increase the danger of contamination.
Considering all such risk you be requested to sign and agree on the procedure to guarantee that you completely comprehend the method and any breast lift dangers and potential difficulties.

Breast lift risks include:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Bleeding or hematoma formation
  • Infection & Poor healing of incisions
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation
  • Breast contour and shape irregularities
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Fatty tissue found deep in the skin might die (fat necrosis)
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Potential partial or total loss of nipple and areola
  • Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Possibility of revisional surgery
These risks and others will be fully discussed prior to your consent. It is important that you address all of your questions directly with your surgeon.


There are various cosmetic surgeons in India but very few well-experienced ones. One of them is Dr Sunil Arora from ALCS Jaipur. He has an experience of over 15 years of performing cosmetic surgeries in Jaipur.

When it comes to the best breast lift surgeon in Jaipur and the entire state of Rajasthan, he is considered as the top choice for cosmetic surgery due to his experience and affordable breast lift surgery in Rajasthan.
The very first step for getting a breast lift surgery in Jaipur is to consult take an appointment at ALCS. Meet Dr Sunil Arora and let him know what you have in mind regarding your breast shape, size or any other query.
After listening to you and examining your body he may come up with the best realistic plan to move forward with your breast lift surgery. He may also help you come to conclusion regarding your breast if you have small breast or big breasts and treat them.
Dr Sunil Arora has received various prestigious awards due to his expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery in Rajasthan.
Contact ALCS, Jaipur now to get beautiful, curvaceous breasts regardless of your age!
ALCS Clinic offers best breast surgeon in Jaipur at economical costs.

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The best way to prepare for your procedure is to be familiar with your options and have realistic expectations that you would like to achieve through this surgery. It is also best to quit smoking and start a healthy diet and exercise routine in order to produce the best results during recovery.

The effects of the surgery are generally permanent; however, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or other major life experiences can alter your results and put you back at square one. If you are planning to become pregnant or lose a significant amount of weight, it is best to wait on undergoing this operation.

The best way to prepare for your procedure is to be familiar with your options and have realistic expectations that you would like to achieve through this surgery. It is also best to quit smoking and start a healthy diet and exercise routine in order to produce the best results during recovery.

The effects of the surgery are generally permanent; however, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or other major life experiences can alter your results and put you back at square one. If you are planning to become pregnant or lose a significant amount of weight, it is best to wait on undergoing this operation.

The best way to prepare for your procedure is to be familiar with your options and have realistic expectations that you would like to achieve through this surgery. It is also best to quit smoking and start a healthy diet and exercise routine in order to produce the best results during recovery.