Breast Implants Or Fat Injections Which Is Right For You

Many women chooses to have either breast implants or fat injections to reshape or rebuilt their breast for a more contouring look of their body. But what is breast implant and what is fat transfer through fat injections?

Breast implant 

Breast implants are nothing but medical devices which helps in increasing (augmentation) the size of your breast or to reconstruct the breast tissues through a breast implant. An improper or damaged breast can be treated by implanting the breast implants inside the breast tissue or under the muscle of the chest. 

Basically, the two types of the breast implants are saline-filled, silicone gel-filled. The breast implant cost varies with the type of surgery chosen and the requirement of the patient related to the shape, size, and breast fullness. The saline-filled implant and the silicone gel-filled one differs in the thickness of the shell, size, surface texture of the shell, and most importantly the shape which gives the contouring look. 

The implant expires in about 10 to 20 years and there should be breast implant removal at the correct time to avoid its effects. 

Fat injections

The fat injections are used for reshaping the breast by injecting a women’s fat from her body in the needed area. It helps in giving touch-ups after the reconstruction surgery but for breast augmentation, it is not proven effectively. The fat injections after a breast lift give much improvement in the size and the shape of the breast. 

It gives the natural feel and look to the breast and can be safely used by women looking towards a more contouring look after the breast reconstruction and breast lift. Though all women are not suitable for having fat injections. It for those who are above 30 and have completed their pregnancies and now just want to give a contouring look to their body. 

Breast implant v/s Fat injections

For the reshaping or resizing of your breast, the two types of surgeries that are the breast implant surgery and fat transfers to the breast through fat injections. But the decision to choose one mainly depends upon your expectations and body health situations.

  • Natural look 

The fat transfer gives your best softer and natural feel as there is no implants. It is said to be a minimally-invasive option to implant and it also does not require anesthesia which is used in the breast augmentation through the implants. But it should be considered that the fat injections do give certain downsides of liposuction including saggy skin in the treated parts of the body. 

  • size 

While having the fat injections there will be a limited fat transfer and achieving the desired result is quite difficult for a woman who is very slim and thus they are not the ideal candidates for having the fat injections. When there are requirements of breast enlargement up to one or two cups then choosing a breast implant surgery is a good option. 

  • safety 

Safety is the most important factor that should be considered in all cases. Using implants has been among us from years and they are safe enough to go for. Most of the patients having breast implants have seen positive results but when we talk about the fat injections then there should be given a thought. Fat injections for buttock, however, has helped many people but while considering the breast they are a little complicated. 

  • Recovery period after surgery 

The recovery time after the fat transfer is minimal and certain bruising and swellings are seen which tends the patient to avoid heavy activities for a few weeks. The implants depending upon the different cases allows the patient to start their complete activities after two weeks or more. 

  • Cost

It can be said that the breast implant surgery cost is less than that of the fat injections. As in fat transfer, there are two procedures which are to be undertaken that is liposuction and fat transfer thus costing a little high then the implants. 

Your health is the priority to choose and that is why go with the breast enlargement option that gives you fewer health risks. 

Why choose us?

With ALCS you can choose the best surgical option for your breast enlargement with the help of our well-trained and experienced doctors. They look after each aspect of your health and requirement and choose the best for you. They help you explain the risks and the complications of each implant and fat injections and help you in making the correct decision. 

Also, the breast implant surgery cost and that for fat injections are affordable at ALCS against a better infrastructure, staff, surgeons, and modern equipment. 

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