Things To Know Before Breast Augmentation Surgery


Every woman aspires to have perky breasts which enhances and makes her personality attractive. Due to many causes such as genetics,age and associated diseases. Some women tend to have saggy breasts which hinder the attractiveness. Modern science offers many cosmetic procedures to correct it, one of it is BREAST AUGMENTATION. There are certain things which a woman should keep in her mind before proceeding with the process. So here are some things listed below to know before breast augmentation:

1) Who are the suitable candidates?

The two most suitable candidates are young girls who are flat chested as well as middle-age women who have breastfed, and face a shrinking in breast size in post breastfeeding.

2) Who are the unsuitable candidates?

Women who are still breastfeeding are not suitable for breast augmentation. It is encouraged for women who are still breast-feeding, to wait at least 3 months before they get a breast augmentation procedure.

3) What can breast enhancement help in the breast department?

Breast enhancement does not only give the breast volume, but also has a lifting effect. The nipple areola will also be lifted back to its normal position through the surgery.

4) What determines a good breast augmentation surgery?

Firstly, the breast must look natural and not too enhanced. Teardrop shaped implants are used to give the breast a natural appearance. As compared to round implants that were used in the past where the top is way too full, the teardrop shaped implants has a shallow top and fuller bottom, which very closely resembles that of a natural breast.
Secondly, the breast must be natural to the touch.
And lastly, the cleavage is a good tell tale sign of a good breast augmentation done. A successful breast augmentation is one that a nice cleavage is formed where the two breasts meet while an unsuccessful breast enhancement surgery is one that leaves no cleavage, with the two breasts being too wide apart.

5) Implants vs fat grafting vs fillers, what is the difference amongst them three?

Fillers are currently banned as it has resulted in complications.
Both fat grafting and implants are done extensively with implants being more popular as implants allow the patients to achieve whatever breast size they prefer in just one surgery as compared to fat grafting which typically requires more than one surgery as each surgery only allows an increase of ¾ to at most 1 bra cup size.
A patient who wants to achieve a C cup from an A cup will require 2-3 surgeries before achieving their ideal cup size, making the cost of fat grafting much higher than the implant method.

6) Which is better, fat grafting or implants?

There is essentially no difference between the two methods. Some patients choose fat grafting for the sole reason of not wanting any foreign object in their bodies.
As for the result, there is again not much difference between the two methods as gummy bear implants which are natural to the touch, are used, having the same natural touch to that of fat.

7) What are the pros and cons of implants and fat grafting?

Implants allow patients to get any cup size in just one surgery, thus lower in cost. However, the downside to the implant method is that every 15-20 years, the implant has to be removed and exchanged for a new implant to avoid capsular contracture where the body forms a scar around the implant.
For fat grafting, there is a limit to the increase in bra size per surgery and thus requires more than 1 surgery, resulting in an increased cost for fat grafting method. However, the fat that stays after the fat grafting procedure, will stay for life.

8) Which is better, silicone implant or saline implant?

Silicone implant was banned in the during the 1980s due to a silicone scar, then saline was introduced. However, the ban has since been lifted when the scare of silicone implants leading to breast cancer and autoimmune diseases has been found to be untrue.
Since the ban has been lifted, silicone implants are more widely used as it feels and looks more natural than saline implants. One of the common downside of saline implants is that the gurgling sound of the saline moving can be heard when patients are more active.
Thus, 99.9% of the time, silicone is used during a breast implant surgery.

9) Are there any lifestyle habits to change or eliminate before the surgery?

Smoking should be avoided as nicotine constricts the blood vessel. Also, maintain a well balanced diet before the surgery.

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