Understanding VASER: its causes and effects

Understanding VASER: its causes and effects Often it happens that even after doing strict dieting and exercise you are still not able to get rid of that extra fat. Because sometimes these stringent diet and exercise, are not enough for you to get a perfect body. it happens commonly that you work hard to be

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When Dieting Alone Didn’t Work, Jojo Got Some Help From Liposuction

When Dieting Alone Didn’t Work, Jojo Got Some Help From Liposuction Surgery Sometimes dieting and exercise is not enough for your fat to leave your body. Even after your stringent diet and exercise, are you not able to shed off that excess fat? Well the same thing happened with Jojo. Jojo was working hard to get in better shape and get rid of unwanted fat,

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Excited About Being Able to Put on a Pair of Blue Jeans

Excited About Being Able to Put on a Pair of Blue Jeans Do you have that tight blue pair of jeans which you bought bit couldn’t wear? or maybe it used to be your all the time favorite pair but it doesn’t fit you anymore. What if I tell you-you can put on those jeans

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Did you regrow hair and recover from hair loss

Did You Regrow Hair and Recover from Hair Loss Hair loss is one of the major problem faced by people. Every person in the world is at risk of losing hair due to various reasons. I was born with amazing hair quality, and when I was young I had thick and shiny hairs. But in

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My Hair Loss Recovery Story

My Hair Loss Recovery Story Losing hair was one of the worst nightmares I went through. There were a bunch of hairs in my hands every time I used to comb my hair, wash my hair or even just try to tie them. All the methods that were recommended by my peers and colleagues were

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Learn How to Regrow Hair

Learn How to Regrow Hair: Hair Loss Diet Success Stories! Losing hairs while combing, while washing, and even while touching, irritates you to the core. While this is a very frustrating situation it is true that it happens to a lot of people. While most of us have very thin hair and some of us

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6 Famous Celebs and their Journey of Hair Transplant

6 Famous Celebs and their Journey of Hair Transplant Hair transplant is a very common sort of surgery nowadays since a lot of people are suffering from hair loss problems. Not only the regular people but celebs are also affected by this. Some celebs loose hairs either because of their growing age or from other

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Everything About Hair Transplant

Everything About Hair Transplant   Losing hair with age is very normal, but what if you start losing hair way before you should. This is when a miracle is known as hair I was getting embarrassment from this when transplant surgery came in and this is all that I needed to bring back my confidence

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3 Simple Tips To Get Better Face Surgery Results

Get better face surgery results by following 3 simple tips There are so many factors now that can make our skin look dull, tired and sagging. Out of many other factors, aging, stress, sun damage are some of the leading cause that may cause damage to our skin. So people suffering from conditions like this

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Average Cost of Liposuction In Jaipur

What is the average cost of Liposuction in Jaipur Liposuction is such a cosmetic procedure that helps in getting rid of the extra, unwanted fat deposits from various parts of the body. In most of the time, it is seen that exercises and diet are not enough to get rid of those unwanted pockets of

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10 Myths about Liposuction Surgery keeps you from growing

Believing these 10 Myths about Liposuction keeps you from growing Sometimes, no matter what we try and how hard we try we are not able to get rid of the extra bulges in various parts of the body. The fact is certain that people even after undergoing proper diet and exercise routine are not able

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How Long Until I Can Work Out After a Hair Transplant Surgery

How long until I can work out after a hair transplant surgery Hair transplant is the recent trend now! However, hair transplant has been performed by numerous doctors since 1950’s and the technique has undergone numerous evolutions by now. A Hair transplant is such a surgical hair restoration procedure that uses hair follicles from the

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Can Breast Surgery Affect Breastfeeding?

Can breast surgery affect breastfeeding? There are a large number of woman who is currently undergoing various breast procedures to achieve a sensuous body appearance. But they fear about undergoing pregnancy and the question they are left behind is- Can a woman breastfeed after undergoing breast surgery? The answer is YES it is possible to

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Best Breast Surgery Tips You Will Read This Year

Best breast surgery tips you will read this year Undergoing a breast surgery is one of the biggest decision in life and now more than 70 percent of woman are choosing to move under the knife to achieve a more proportionate and sensuous body. Having proportionate breasts not only gives us a beautiful attractive appearance

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