BIO- FUE Hair Transplant

In Bio FUE regenerative cells from one’s own blood is infused into the FUE donor site for rapid healing and growth of transacted hair.
ALCS offers the best BIO FUE Hair Transplant in Jaipur.

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Bio FUE is a cosmetic procedure for men and women. Bi0-FUE hair transplant is done by a team of cosmetic experts at ALCS. It is a long-term customized procedure of hair restoration for hair fall patients. It is a hair transplant procedure designed by keeping in mind that hair loss is a progressive condition which is also different. It varies from patient to patient as every patient has different hair characteristics or different patterns of hair loss. In Bio FUE hair transplant technique, the hair follicles or hair grafts are extracted by a special technique. Along with it, this process administration of growth factors into the scalp is also done which makes the hair stronger, longer and healthier.


  • Local Anaesthesia used is different in Bio-FUETM

    Local Anesthesia is used to numb the area to be operated or the area around it to block the sensations of pain in the scalp or another body part during hair transplantation. It can be administered either by applying topical anaesthesia or by injecting the local anaesthesia directly into the skin during hair transplant surgery. Usually, at most cosmetic surgery clinics, the area to be operated upon is made numb by injecting local anaesthesia directly into the scalp. Though pain is experienced during the time of administration.
  • Local Anesthesia techniques

    At most hair clinics, the local anaesthesia is given as they follow a special procedure to curb the pain sensation which includes- Applying anaesthetic gel to the base of the scalp 40 minutes prior to starting the anaesthesia. Which is followed by the use of thin needles and vibrator on the area to make it virtually mild pain anaesthesia.
  • How is Slit Making Different in Bio-FUE Hair Transplant

    Slit making is a process of creating space in the scalp where the hair grafts will be implanted. Routinely at other hair clinics, slits are made in the recipient area using needles after the extraction of grafts is over. The slits are variable in size and depth which leads to the uneven level growth of hair.
  • Innovative & Customized Slit Making

    At ALCS clinics experienced cosmetic surgeon and team perform slit making before extraction to cut short the out of body time of hair grafts. Out of body time is usually the time interval between the extraction and implantation for which the hair grafts keep on lying outside the body in the storage solution). The cosmetic surgeon makes the slits with the special CTS (cut to size) blades.


Around five test hair grafts are extracted out from the patient’s scalp. The average length of the hair grafts is measured. later, the length of the shaft of the blade is adjusted as per the length of their hair and then the slits are made at a proper angle, direction, and density.

The use of international grade CTS (cut to size) blades with a guard on the holder ensure that the depth of each and every slit is as per the length of your hair graft which gives following benefits: There is a low chance of surgical instrument related accidents to the underlying vessels.

The time spent by hair grafts outside the body is minimum which helps to keep your hair viable and gives better results.

Hair graft measurement is used to determine the depth of each slit according to the length of the hair grafts.

  • Safe donor area

    At ALCS clinics, Dr.Sunil Arora our expert surgeon extract strictly from a safe donor with special FLAT punches. Safe donor area or permanent zone is a horseshoe-shaped area on the backside of the head which is not affected by DHT hormone.
  • Punch

    FLAT punch is a unique punch developed by expert cosmetic surgeons which have a flat surface and it minimizes wastage during the extraction process. The extraction procedure starts with the selection of the flat punch which is generally 1mm less than the average length of the grafts.
  • Zig-Zag Extraction Method

    Extraction of this type is usually done in a zig-zag manner ensuring that no two consecutive grafts are extracted at the same time. This way the hair graft next to the extracted graft covers the spot after hair growth treatment.
  • By doing so

    The donor area does not thin out & almost remains the same as before the surgery. This highly precise hair transplant procedure ensures that you get the best quality hair grafts for implantation & the wastage is limited to 2-3% only in most of the surgeries.


The extraction method is the process of removing of hair grafts from the back side of the scalp. Routinely, the hair grafts are extracted using sharp punches. These punches go deeper into the soft tissues making the unit lose and finally removed. The hair transplant rates in most cases are not recorded & are in the range of 30% or more. Further, these cosmetic hair clinics target very high number of hair grafts by going out of the permanent zone and as a result, this hair does not last long and falls off soon.


Implantation is the process of inserting the already extracted hair grafts back into the scalp of men suffering from hair fall. Routinely, hair grafts are extracted and they are implanted into the slit of the bald area. Usually, hair grafts are stored in a storage solution while the extraction process is being done. Then they are implanted by keeping them on a gauze piece which is handheld. This is held at the level of the hair root at the time of implantation. In this hair implant technique, the former leads to dehydration and the latter affects the quality of the hair grafts which leads to a poor yield.

Smooth Implantation method

At ALCS clinics, hair implants are done immediately post extraction, thereby decreasing the outside body time of the hair grafts. At ALCS Jaipur the implantation of those hair grafts is done first which were taken out earlier thereby decreasing the outside body time of the hair grafts. One staff member keeps on pouring saline at the time of hair implantation thereby preventing dehydration of hair grafts. The implantation is done by Double forceps technique in which the hair surgeon holds the grafts from the top of the hair shaft and not hair root. The hair surgeon keeps the hair grafts moist all the time.

This makes the BIO-FUE hair transplant patient get better yield and results thereby making it “value for money” for them.

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Biotherapy is a unique cosmetic hair procedure of doing PRP (Platelet Rich Therapy) at ALCS Clinic Jaipur. This therapy is based on the concept that human germinative cells have got the ability to stimulate various important structures in embryonic life.

At ALCS Clinics all the hair transplant procedures are done in the clinic or inhouse itself. they draw around 40 ccs of blood and then process it in a specialized refrigerated centrifuge. The plasma is later activated to release growth factors. This Platelet Rich Plasma is then injected into the superficial part of the scalp. The growth factors stimulate the stem cells and help to prolong the growth phase of the existing hair on the scalp.

Steps of BioTherapy

  • Blood is extracted from the body and transferred to the centrifuge tubes.
  • Blood is later spun carefully in a centrifuge which separates the blood components.
  • The bald area is then injected with platelets rich plasma into the scalp or bald area.
  • This platelet-rich plasma acts like a growth serum and helps in promoting hair There are various other innumerable benefits of Bio-FUE and just some of the most important ones are mentioned here:
  • The texture and the overall quality of transplanted hair is improved
  • Hair growth is boosted
  • The healing process post-Bio-Fue hair transplant is expedited, in both the donor and recipient areas
  • Most importantly, transplant results become better overall giving a feeling of satisfaction to the patient and the hair surgeon.


Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon for your Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery is not as difficult as it may seem. Most men make poor choices trying to hurry their Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery procedures which later need more surgeries to correct the damage made during hushing up. To achieve the desired goal of your hair you need to be careful and patient.

When choosing the right surgeon for Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery in India or anywhere else it is important to look at all of the following:

  • Qualification: we strongly recommend you to seek to choose a cosmetic surgery or hair surgeon based on that your surgeon is certified by The Association of Plastic Surgeons of India or government certified surgeon.
  • Experience: Majority of cosmetic hair Surgeons will often highlight their accomplishments in the field of cosmetic surgery in Jaipur. As with anything, it’s always important to double check and verify that what the surgeon is saying is true.
  • Detailed Consultation: The consultation is arguably the opportunity for you to ask all sorts of questions you have in mind regarding Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery. A thorough consultation also involves a review of medical history including any existing medical conditions. All these factors help the surgeon to custom-tailor the operation to best meet the needs of each patient.
  • Before & After Pictures: -Many times, comparing before and after pictures of your hair with several different hair surgeons successful Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery procedures can be beneficial to patients when determining which surgeon to go with. However, keep in mind that usually, you are only seeing the best results.
  • Track Record: One way to check a surgeon’s record is to see if there have been any malpractice cases filed against the surgeon. Keep in mind anyone can sue anyone for anything so just the action itself means nothing. However, a conviction may be important.


When it comes to the cost of Bio-Hair transplant surgery the total cost of the hair transplant surgery is determined by the number of hair grafts required. It differs from person to person depending upon the area of baldness over one’s head. It can be calculated by a very simple formula:

The total cost of the hair transplant = Number of Grafts X Price per graft

It is to noted that the charges are on basis of ‘per graft’ or ‘per follicular unit’, and not ‘per hair’. As the majority of the grafts or follicular units contain 2-3 hair, so for example, if you are paying for 1000 grafts, you will get approximately 2500 hair transplanted.

ALCS Jaipur offers you a new world-class cosmetic hair treatment where you can pamper yourself and turn your physical appearance goals into reality and feeling the way you want. Through your Bio-Fue hair transplant, you can actually heal your mind and enhance your self-confidence to take the world head-on through your improved appearance.


There are innumerable reasons why you should get your Bio-Fue transplant surgery done from ALCS Jaipur and here some of the most important ones:

The team of cosmetic expert staff here is not only extremely experienced but also highly professional, which means that your Bio-Fue hair transplant procedure will be completed in the manner that will have been explained to you in advance. Your search for “best hair transplant clinic near me” may help you reach ALCS Jaipur. It is one of the best hair clinics that provide high-quality hair fall treatment for men.

The ALCS hair fall specialists will look at you well and select you on the basis of whether you are the correct contender for body transplant surgery or not.

You are considered perfect if you have a dense hair on your head that suits your personality. Most hair restoration clinic or hair replacement clinic like ALCS Jaipur provide best beard growth treatment for men. Most men are considered the right candidate for a Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery.

On the off chance that you are in your teens, you may be considered as not a suitable candidate for a Bio-Fue hair transplant treatment or normal hair transplant surgery until you are in your late 20’s or 30’s.

Bio-Fue Hair transplant surgery procedure in Jaipur is done at one of the best hair clinics in Jaipur ALCS which is headed by Dr Sunil Arora. There are various Hair transplant surgeons in India but very few well-experienced ones. One of them is Dr Sunil Arora from ALCS Jaipur. He has an experience of over 16+ years of performing cosmetic surgeries such as Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery, hair restoration treatment for men, hair replacement surgery for men in Jaipur.

When it comes to one of the best hair clinics in Jaipur and the entire state of Rajasthan, ALCS is considered as the top choice for Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery in Jaipur due to their experience and affordable hair fall treatment for men in Rajasthan.

The very first step for getting a body hair growth treatment for men in Jaipur is to take a consultation appointment at ALCS. Meet Dr Sunil Arora and let him know what you have in mind regarding your Bio-Fue hair transplant surgery plans, size of the area that needs to be covered with hair grafts or any other query. After listening to you and examining your hair he may come up with the best realistic plan to move forward with your hair fall treatment for men.

Dr Sunil Arora has received various prestigious awards due to his expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery and hair treatment in Rajasthan.

The staff that assists the Dr Sunil Arora performing the procedure is equally well trained and experienced, which means that the chances of something going wrong during your procedure are next to nil.

During a Bio-FUE method, there is minimal hair loss and the healing process is extremely fast.

The operating or procedure rooms are equipped with the most modern and efficient devices and tools, allowing the surgeon greater speed and more precision.