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Hair transplant surgery is the popular choice of many people nowadays. As everyone is aware of the successful hair restoration surgery of the celebrities which is reported in the media. But, what exactly is hair transplant and why do people choose it for their hair loss? Are there any precautions that a patient should take before going for hair transplant? Are there any side effects of hair transplant? These questions are obvious to come in our mind. This article helps us know all about hair loss in men and women and hair transplants.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Often it is seen that people take their hair for granted until they start losing it. According to experts, when people reach 50 years of age they experience hair loss to some extent. It usually occurs in over 70% of men and in about 20% of women. Also, hair loss has several subconscious effects on an individual due to which they feel old which lowers their confidence. 
Locks of hair play a crucial role in the appearance of both men and women. At the time of birth there are about 5 million hairs on the body and about 100,000 hairs on the scalp. Tresses occur on the scalp as follicles which usually contain 1 to 4 hairs. During the lifetime, it will grow and fall out many times.

Some common causes of hair loss are:

Genetics: This is one of the most common cause of hair fall which can be due to a family history or genetics. 

Stress: With hectic lifestyles on rise, people suffer from mental and physical stress that can result into the loss of mane. Stress can limit the supply of necessary nutrients and blood supply to the hair which can lead to their ‘miniaturization’ and loss.

Poor Nutrition: Unhealthy diet or deficiency of nutrients can lead to poor health of the hair. 

Medical Conditions: Some medications can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. Also, treatment of chemotherapy or radiation can result in baldness.

Lifestyle change: Temporary hair loss can occur due to hormonal changes which results either due to child birth, pregnancy, menopause and improper diet. Hair fall and hair growth are two common processes occurring in the body. The problem occurs when the rate of hair fall exceeds the growth rate which results in losing hair and baldness. Losing hair is very stressful and it can be a tough thing to live with as it changes your look. However, nowadays there are ways that can help in successful treatment of hair loss. 

Treatments For Hair Loss  

There are various treatments available for hair loss which ranges from medications to lotions to shampoos to laser treatments. However, once the root of the hair is dead none of the treatment can help to regrow hair again. The only thing that works during this phase is hair transplant treatment.
However, for best hair transplant procedure it is important to consult a qualified and experienced surgeon. A good physician can help restore the lost hair which makes people feel young and confident. The best point is that you can achieve good and natural long-lasting results. Hair transplant surgery is commonly performed by FUT or FUE hair transplant.

 ALCS: Hair Transplantation Clinic

There are many hair transplantation clinics in India which claim that they are the best for successful Hair transplant treatment. They assure to provide the quality results from the qualified and expert surgeon. But, how does one really choose the best hair transplant procedure? The answer is simple: you need to check the reviews of the clients and ask for proof of results.

A good reputed clinic will always show you the before-after picture of its previous patients, their testimonials and arrange for you to meet with or talk with its patients. In addition, you can also check the credentials of the doctor under whose care the hair transplant procedure will be performed. Also, be aware of clinics where the transplant is done by clinical nurses or assistants as they will never meet your expectations.

At ALCS, you can get the best hair transplant surgery. Dr. Sunil Arora and the team under him are trained technicians who have changed the lives of tens of thousands of individuals in a very short span of time. The amazing results of the successful FUE hair transplant procedure are the perfect coordination of the outstanding knowledge & abilities of the operating team.

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