Are Painful Rubbery Male Breast Lumps Behind The Nipple A Sign Of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the male breast gland enlargement due to a hormonal imbalance and the deposit of excess fat in the breast area. It is commonly seen in boys which are sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent. Gynecomastia surgery is a good option to treat breast enlargement in men. But when do u need a surgery? Let us see some important facts about Gynecomastia.

What is a lump in male?

The breast of a male is composed of different types of tissues and any one of these can give
growth to swelling or mass. There are also possibilities of cancerous breast tumors in a male but it is rarely seen. There are also many noncancerous disorders which a man can develop mainly causing breast lumps.

In any of the treatment of gynecomastia, the lump characteristics and the age of a man are the important factors in order to calculate the breast mass. Not mostly but a simple cyst which is a fluid-filled fibroadenoma may occur in a male breast. The fibroadenomas are rubbery and soft noncancerous growth of the tissues and the cyst are tender. The fibroadenomas are not hard like other tissues and may require male breast reduction to remove the tissue from the breast area.

Both of the above-given conditions tend to move around the breast tissues and give pain and other symptoms. It is good to get the male breast lump removed with the help of surgery by a good and experienced surgeon who can understand and resolve your issues.

There are also male breast lumps which are usually developed by the tissues surrounding the male breast which are inflammatory masses or abscesses, skin cyst or tumors along with lots of infections. In the part of the soft tissues, fibrous and fatty tumors may develop.

Sign and symptoms of a male breast lump

According to the causes, the signs and symptoms of the lumps vary. If any person may be a male or female feels like a lump in the breast they should immediately visit a doctor to examine it and get the Gynecomastia surgery done if required. There are some of the signs and symptoms of different conditions of a lump in the breast:


 Fibrocystic breast

A solid lump, well-round and smooth
Small lumps or irregular nodules
Highly dense breast tissue

 Fibroadenoma

A solid lump, well-round and smooth
These lumps sometimes happen to disappear by themselves but can also persist in some cases and grow slowly
When a person touches it starts moving and is often referred to as ‘mobile’ The lumps are painless
Their texture is similar to a rubber

 Breast Cyst

It has distinct edges and round in shape
Its texture is like a water-filled balloon or like a grape
They are not much big and are of certain centimeters in the diameter
Pain is not experienced until it grows large in size


Is male breast lump sign of Gynecomastia?

It is not true that the person who is obese and having large fatty tissues in their beast need to have Gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia is a condition which is known as lipomastia or psuedogynecomastia where the glandular tissue grows in its size.

The exercises and diet do not work in the case of Gynecomastia as it will not reduce the size of the breast tissues and you need to have a treatment of male Gynecomastia to get the enlarged tissues removed.

The most common sign of Gynecomastia is a painful lump in breast male under the nipple or in some cases both the nipples. There may be also breast sensitivity and tenderness.



Why choose us?

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We are equipped with advanced instruments and techniques to help the patient recover faster after the Gynecomastia surgery and continue to have their daily routine life without much trouble. Our surgeons have a very detailed discussion with the client about painful lumps and then decide to have a Gynecomastia surgery or not. At ALCS you will always get the best treatment for you to have a healthy and happier life.

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