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When going for a surgery for say a cardiac issue, will you simply walk into the first hospital you spot and agree to undergo surgery? No right, the thought in itself is scary! Then why not perform the same due diligence when you are looking for a hair transplant? Yes, it is one of the best hair fall treatment, but doesn’t that mean, you should be very careful where you get it done!

Like other medical procedures, hair transplant is a plastic surgery that must be performed only by a qualified surgeon, as it has a potential of altering your appearance permanently. Having permanent hair loss can be quite distressing and without a doubt everyone would look for the best hair fall solution. 

If you visit a good doctor, they will ask you to undergo a few examinations to determine whether you need hair regrowth treatment or a transplant. Only after a thorough analysis, should a decision be made about the hair treatment you should undergo, rather than simply mentioning one treatment as the best hair fall treatment.

Why Choose ALCS for hair transplantation

At ALCS India, we take quality of service very seriously and hence ensure that all our patients – old or new – get a proper consultation with our experts. Our aim is to find the best hair fall solution for you, and not push only one treatment. Once our doctors have examined your scalp and conducted a thorough analysis of the results, they will take you through the various options available, the possible hair treatment, precautions to be taken, risks associated and the recovery period as well as the follow up needed.

It will be only after such a thorough analysis that a doctor will recommend hair transplant to you, if you are a suitable candidate for the same. Also, they will brief you about the procedure and the hair transplant cost. 

Over the years, ALCS Jaipur has gained the reputation of being one of the best hair transplantation clinic, thanks to the excellent leadership of Dr. Sunil Arora. His name is synonymous with the best hair transplant both in Jaipur and across the country. Dr. Arora and his team are the mainstay of ALCS, who work diligently and passionately to bring the best of plastic surgery to all those who need it. The results and testimonials from happy and satisfied patients justify the hair transplant cost.

Our lead surgeon, Dr. Sunil Arora has been actively involved in the field of Plastic Surgery and has been practising since 2001. With nearly two decades of experience and an enviable success record, he is synonymous with best hair loss treatment. His other areas of expertise include Cleft Lip and Palate, Craniofacial Anomalies, Microvascular Reconstruction, Burn, Reconstruction & Aesthetics.

Considerations before choosing a Centre for Hair Transplant

As we have seen, hair transplant is an important surgical procedure with a fairly involved requirement – a single surgery can take anywhere between 4 to 6 hours – it is imperative that a number of factors are considered before deciding where to get it done from.

Expertise and Experience of the Surgeon – First and foremost consideration for a transplant, like any other surgery, must be the expertise and experience of the surgeon. The more experience the better chances for a good result. It is a great idea to check for referrals, especially from the previous patients. This gives you a realistic idea of what to expect. At ALCS Jaipur, Dr. Sunil Arora and his team have a great track record and combined experience to handle any case. This can be further validated from their previous patients.

Facilities and Quality of Service – The next and equally important factor is the facility where the procedure is to be carried out. How is the staff, what are the hygiene, safety and security practices being followed and how well equipped is the center? At ALCS, we encourage you to visit us and check out all these details for yourself.

Cost – A very important factor is obviously the hair transplant cost. At ALCS, the cost is very reasonable as compared to the industry, yet the facilities and service you get are amongst the best across the country.

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