Advance FUE and FUT Procedure, Hair Transplant Looks Natural & No Other Care Required at ALCS Center

Advanced FUE® is an advanced Hair Restoration procedure that involves transplanting approximately 2 million FUE grafts. This process involves techniques and protocols of handling grafts, graft hydration requirements, mapping a strategy and finally inplanting the hair follicles in the recipient site. 

On implementing the most advanced hair transplant technique, the maximum graft survivability has maximized and the duration of the procedures has been minimized which has noticeably increased the patient’s comfort. 

The Advanced FUE ® hair transplant uses the latest innovation, an instrument. This special instrument is used in achieving high quality, rate, and survivability of the FUE grafts. It is capable of carefully extracting individual follicles one by one without creating an ear-to-ear scar that is seen in FUT or linear strip procedure. 

FUT Hair Transplant technique

FUT or strip hair transplant is a traditional hair transplant method that was widespread in the 90’s very quickly as the best hair restoration procedure.  But recently it has been recorded that FUT hair transplant application is being withdrawn as FUE hair transplant procedure comes out to be the best minimally invasive procedure. This happened because the results of the FUE hair transplant technique are actually impressive. However, the advanced FUT procedure involves a Trichophytic closure of the suture that initiates quick healing. 

Most importantly, the FUE hair transplant does not lead to any unpleasant consequences in comparison to FUT. Thanks to the advanced FUT hair transplant technique that makes it possible to extract large number of hair follicles with a short time. 

FUE and FUT Hair Transplantation Methods

These two procedures are quite similar and they both offer natural-looking results. However, the implantation process mostly differs based on how the hair follicles are extracted from the back of our head. 

How hair follicles are extracted

In the FUE procedure, the hairs are extracted one by one by using a minimally invasive technology which may take around one to four hours for our ALCS care team to execute this meticulous extraction procedure.

In the FUT procedure, all the hair is removed at one by our ALCS care team which may take around 15 to 30 minutes. The hair is then prepared for transplantation into the recipient area. 

The hair follicles that have the highest chance of survival are only being selected for implantation and this is a very important step to accomplish the final result.

How follicles are prepared for Implantation

The follicular grafts are prepared for implantation by a team of skilled technicians who have been working under a high powered stereo microscope. The trained technicians prepare the follicular grafts and ensure that they remain in optimal condition until the follicles are transplanted.

How hair follicles are implanted

FUE and FUT are simple procedures, but the ALCS care team takes immense effort to make sure that the patient feels comfortable during the procedure. In fact, patients can actually watch TV or check out a movie or even listen to their favorite music while undergoing the procedure. Both of these procedures involve rapid healing. 

Is Scarring involved?

FUE procedures do not require stitches; it just leaves some tiny marks in the extraction site that will eventually disappear in the future. These areas can be very easily concealed with longer neighbor hair. The extraction site can heal on its own within three to seven days. The FUE procedure is mostly preferred by those who want to have short hair. 

The best part is, FUE hair transplant technique does not require shaving the recipient site. So if you want to avoid a short haircut, then undergoing a FUT procedure is probably the best option. The FUT procedure results in fine scar on the back of the head that can very easily be concealed with longer hair.


Since FUE is a time-consuming procedure so it is more of an expensive procedure in comparison to a FUT procedure. But if you want to get a clear idea about the exact cost of the hair transplant procedure, then you must speak with an ALCS specialist and physician to get an accurate assessment. 

Deciding on the best Hair Transplant Method

At the end of the day, when it comes to choosing between FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures, then it is always desired to consult with ALCS physicians. Your physician will help you to make the right decision based on your hair loss type, size of the thinning area, quantity, and quality of the available donor hair.

Always remember that not all technique is right for everyone. The ALCS surgeons utilize extensive techniques to offer you an unbiased decision. 

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