Absolutely Natural Results, Maximum Density, Assured Results at ALCSIndia Dr. Sunil Arora

Who doesn’t want naturally thick, long, shining and healthy hair? Or rather who doesn’t want a head full of such beautiful hair? So when faced with hair loss, you instantly look for solutions to overcome that! Hair regrowth treatment, hair density treatment or hair transplant – you would evaluate the entire spectrum to get the best results.

Whatever be the reason, one thing is for sure, the hair density treatment is an important criterion. After all, if you are going for a hair transplant you would want the most density you can have in your transplanted hair. You may be wondering what exactly does that mean. Normally, when you undergo hair transplant, the number of follicular units that are transplanted per square unit are anywhere between 30 to 40. However, with high density transplant, the number of transplanted units is increased to 60 to 65 follicular units per square centimeter.

Isn’t that what you would expect in terms of hair transplant results? Most patients these days do expect the same. However, getting such results is dependent on the expertise of the surgeon and the facilities available at the medical center where these procedures are being carried out. Such a high density transplant requires a fully equipped operation theatre and graft cutting room as is available at ALCS.

Getting Natural Results

Along with the high density, the other concern that most patients have and look for in the hair transplant results, is how natural is the transplanted hair looking. This is also an important reason, why hair transplant is one of the most common procedures and is so popular. Some of the advantages of a natural transplant are

  • The texture, colour and style of your transplanted hair remains the same as the original, since it is taken from your own body (Scalp, beard or any other part)
  • No extra maintenance required for the transplanted hair. Since, it grows naturally with the remaining hair, you can do whatever you want – colour, style or cut – and your hair looks great.
  • The best hair transplant results ensures that nobody can make out the difference between your original and transplanted hair

Why Choose ALCS & Dr. Sunil Arora?

Having read so far, are you looking for completely safe, natural and highly reliable hair density treatment? Then you are at the right place. ALCS Jaipur is known throughout the country for the consistently great results. The happy patients with their dense hair growth are our brand ambassadors. You can do your own checks, here we are listing down a few reasons why we think, we are your best option.

  • Professional and Extremely Qualified Surgeons – The one make or break factor in any plastic surgery, especially a hair transplant is the surgeon performing the procedure. That’s why it is recommended to always go in for a doctor who has specialized experience in the type of medical procedure you are looking at. 

At ALCS, our team of experts is led by the most renowned plastic surgeon in the country, Dr. Sunil Arora. He has decades of experience in performing plastic surgeries and his specializations include Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplant Surgery and Laser Surgery. He is well known for plastic and reconstructive surgeries, with specializations is Cleft Lip and Palate, Craniofacial Anomalies, Microvascular Reconstruction, Burn, Reconstruction & Aesthetics.

It is in recognition of his superlative efforts to the world of Plastic Surgery that he was conferred with the Ethicon Cosmetic Surgery Travelling Fellowship (2010), by The Association of Plastic Surgeons of India. 

When you have a team led by such a capable surgeon, you surely expect nothing but the best results and that is what the entire team at ALCS assures you of.

  • State of the Art Facilities – The other critical factor for deciding where to go for a hair transplant is the technologically equipped and conveniently located facility. Additionally the quality of service is a must. At ALCS, we ensure that you find us at the top of all these.
  • Cost of the Procedure – Whether or not people accept this openly, it is a major deciding factor when choosing to go for a medical procedure. At ALCS, we assure value for money to all our clients and you will find our services most affordable across the country.

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