A Never Parted Love Between Men’s and Their Beard

A Never Parted Love Between Men’s and Their Beard

How Good Are Facial Hair Transplants? Do They Look Real?

Whether it be to look more mature and sophisticated or to hide acne marks, burns, or other imperfections, facial hair transplants have been a popular option for men who have had trouble growing hair in places on the face because of injuries or weak follicles. Hair transplants are donated hairs originating from the scalp that are grafted onto the chin, cheeks, goatee, and mustache areas.
Facial hair transplants can be used to add density to small areas, or they can cover a large part of the face to make thick beards or mustaches. They can be applied to areas with no hair whatsoever or hair that is thinning.
Similar to a normal hair transplant, this type of procedure also calls for hair that comes from the back or sides of the head. Much of the procedure depends on the compatibility and identical appearance of the hair on the head to the natural hair on the face. Facial transplants are permanent and grow naturally with your own hair. If done correctly it can be difficult to tell them apart from your natural hairs. Once they are grafted they can be washed, shaven, or oiled like you would do with your regular hair.

Does A Facial Hair Transplant Look Good Then?

Grafts for small areas like mustaches are usually done with 300 to 500 hairs. Goatees take about 600 or 700, and sideburns are 250 hairs each. Grafts can be increased or decreased depending on the thickness the person wants to achieve. Many locations offer FUE procedures and the linear strip procedure. When the surgery is performed the doctor must take into account the direction the hair is growing and place the hairs accordingly to the proper angle and direction to ensure a natural appearance.
The patient is usually orally sedated under anesthesia before the procedure begins. It can be very time consuming, taking about 2 to 5 hours to finish. The transplanted hairs may have crust developing around them after they are placed, but by the second day one can return to their regular lifestyle. After almost a month, the hairs will start to fall out and the new growth cycle will begin 3 months later. Most of the side effects are the same as those with standard hair transplants. There is a possibility of getting an infection, pain, sensitivity, and swelling.
Hair transplants can be costly, with the price going up to 5 lakhs . It also depends on how much skin you want to cover and how bad the area needs it. It is worth it though, if you want a boost of confidence and a natural looking beard. You only have to get the procedure done once, and second attempts are only done mainly for improvements. Also know that you cannot donate your beard hair to others because you may not have the right type of hair. Before you decide on the surgery, take into account your lifestyle and your hair’s state. Keep your budget in mind and look for a professional surgeon with good reviews and a nice reputation. With the right doctor and care, you will soon be on your way to having thick facial hair and renewed confidence in yourself.

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