7 Things to Note Before Hair Transplant


Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery that helps people with acute hair loss in regaining their
lost hair. Hair transplant is becoming increasingly popular as it enhances the appearance and
thus, the confidence level of a person. Hair transplant involves the extraction of hair follicles
from the areas of the head with still existing natural growth and transplanting the extracted
follicles to the areas of scanty or no hair growth. The area from which the hair follicles are
extracted is known as the donor area, and the area at which the follicles are transplanted is
known as the recipient area.

Hair transplant is carried out through two techniques i.e. FUT and FUE. For FUT (follicular unit
transplantation), a strip of scalp skin is removed from the donor area and then cut into small
sections and implanted at the recipient area. FUT generally leaves behind a mark which is
considerably visible even after recovery. In FUE (follicular unit extraction), single hair follicles
are extracted using a needle typically 0.75mm – 1mm thick. The follicles are then implanted at
the recipient area. FUE is considered to be more advanced and safe as it does not require any
incision. However, tiny dots can be seen at the donor site.

Hair transplant is a very safe procedure and the success rate is quite high. However, it cannot
be performed for those whose hair growth is very scanty or are completely bald. Moreover,
there are various factors that decide whether the transplant provides the desired results.
Certain things and criteria must be noted before opting for a transplant. Some of the most
important things that one needs to consider before going for a transplant are listed below.


 Experience and qualifications of the surgeon

Hair transplant is becoming increasingly popular and due to this fact, many hospitals
and healthcare centers offer transplantation. However, it is highly recommended to
choose a qualified and experienced surgeon for carrying out the transplant. One must
check if the surgeon has required certification. Dermatologists trained for hair problems
are best suited for transplantations. Hair transplant needs skill and experience in order
to yield the desired outcomes. If the surgeon is not chosen wisely hair transplant may
turn out as a bitter experience.


 Surgeon’s track record

In order to choose a good surgeon one may refer to the past records of a surgeon. The
reviews provided on the health care websites about the surgeon may prove helpful.

Before and after photos of hair transplantation may also be checked to know whether
the transplantation done provides a natural looking hairline. Best hair transplant in
India can only be provided by the best surgeons in India.

 Quality of hospital

The quality of the hospital you choose for your surgery also plays a crucial role in
deciding the success rate of the surgery. Note whether the hospital or health care
center uses the latest technology and equipment. Also, it is important to get a note of
hygiene of the hospital.

 Experience of the staff

Hair transplantation is not a one man’s job. Trained and skillful surgeons if accompanied
by trained technicians and other staff members, results in the best experiences. The
technicians must be well trained about the usage of various equipments used for the

 Who will operate?

Harvesting of hair follicles is the most important part of a hair transplant. In many cases,
it is seen that technicians and not the surgeon carry on this procedure. Patients are
recommended to enquire about who will be operating. Also, it must be noted that the
surgeon operating must have ample experience of the procedure.

 Sterilization process after hair transplant

Hair transplant is a relatively safe surgery. However, surgeons must take care of the
possible complications and risk factors. Proper wound care and sterilization techniques
play a vital role in pleasant and rapid recovery.

 Cost of hair transplant

Hair transplant is an expensive procedure. Typically, hair transplant cost in India is
around $ 5000- $ 20000 depending upon the amount of hair to be transplanted.

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