6 Famous Celebs and their Journey of Hair Transplant

6 Famous Celebs and their Journey of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a very common sort of surgery nowadays since a lot of people are suffering from hair loss problems. Not only the regular people but celebs are also affected by this. Some celebs loose hairs either because of their growing age or from other factors. Some of the famous celebs have stated their journey of hair transplant as they have seen the drastic change of this miraculous technique.

Salman Khan: I was suffering from this problem of baldness from a very long time and it started to worry me more and more. My baldness started to increase very speedily. Eventually after suffering from this problem way too much and letting go many roles in the movie due to this problem I ultimately decided to undergo the hair transplant surgery. I went to Dubai where the surgery was performed by the American doctors. I had to visit Dubai multiple times during the process of hair transplant. Ultimately the result was amazing and my hair looked as if they were all natural.

Kapil Sharma says that “I had to struggle a lot to enter this industry and my way of reaching the top is very memorable to me. I wanted to preserve each and every moment of this. But what got into way was the shedding of my hairs way before my age. Everyone knows that looks matters in the Bollywood industry and I did not want to lose all my fame in just a moment of time due to a temporary problem. Hence I decided to undergo a hair transplant surgery and the results were amazing. I saw that my hair looked as natural as they were before the transplant. I would totally recommend this surgery to anyone who is suffering from this problem and gets embarrassed due to it.

Akshaye Khanna shared his story and said that “experiencing the hair fall problem and getting bald at a very small age is very humiliating. I stopped getting roles in movies and my career was almost over. No director would want to cast me in his movie as a hero and all that I was offered were the side roles. Then I finally decided to have a hair transplant and what I saw after it was amazing. Even my costar in the movie Dil Chahta Hai was surprised to see this transformation and praised this technology. I started getting roles in the movies and finally coming back to the industry was amazing.

Akshay Kumar crossed his 40 and started to have hair fall problems. He said in an interview that “I know hair fall is very normal after a certain age. But in Bollywood, since you are working you need to look fit. If you do not then work as the main actor would be difficult. I did not want that. Hence I opted for a hair transplant and decided to go for it. After the surgery was done I saw drastic results in just a few weeks and was amazed to see it. Even my fans loved it. I am thankful for such an amazing technology that science had given and would totally recommend it to everyone.”

Vivek Oberoi also opted for FUT hair transplant. He said that I was not lucky with the hairs. I started to lose hairs and it was very embarrassing for me. After this transplant, I got amazing offers in movies and I am thankful for this.

Many actors have experienced this amazing technology of hair transplant and have shared their life-changing stories with us. Indeed hair transplant is an amazing technology and has not only helps normal people but also many celebrities worldwide.[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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