4th Generation FUT Hair Transplant With Trichophytic Closure For Advanced Male Pattern Baldness

The people especially males who are facing a lot of hair loss have the option of getting a hair
transplant surgery to have a good growth of hairs. As there are a number of different techniques for a hair transplant which confuses a patient which choice to make but the most demanding techniques at present is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). The FUT hair transplant demand is increasing day by day due to its effective results.

What is FUT hair transplant?

The FUT hair transplant is a very convenient method of hair transplant in which a liner strip of the skin consisting hairs mostly about 20cm to 26cm in length and 0.8mm to 1.2mm wide is extracted from either the backside or the side of your scalp. This transplant has now upgraded with the latest 4 th generation FUT hair transplant in which the lower area of the occipital area and also the temporal area is used for the dense follicular units. This is because such an area is more capable of growing a new hair-line and also it obtains good quality grafts.

The FUT hair transplant procedure is simple and secure with not many risks and complication. As it is a surgical procedure certain risks are do involved as any other surgery but mostly are recoverable in this surgery. and it also depends upon the doctor you chose and his experience and skills towards the surgery for giving you the best results.

After the harvesting of the required grafts, the gap is closed by a surgeon by using trichophytic closure with the help of which no visible scars are seen on the donor site after the surgery. the strip is then dissected by using a video-assisted microscope in the form of ultra-refined follicular units and then finally the process of grafting is done. This procedure has given the patients the maximum growth of hair with minimum pain and other side- effects.

The 4 th generation FUT hair transplantation cost in India is around Rs.25-Rs30 per graft which is much reasonable as per its amazing results over many different hair transplantation techniques.

Do scars are visible in FUT hair transplant?

In the 4 th generation FUT hair transplant, trichophytic closure is used which is for reducing the linear scar which is developed after the hair restoration process. This technique is one involving the trimming of the edge’s incision and closing in a way that there is a growth of the hairs in the required area.
On the scars, a new hairline grows that hide it and the patient could wear short hairs. The trichophytic closure scar is not visible than the other techniques when the hair is extracted from the donor site and harvested in the recipient site. This is all because of the new and highly advanced 4 th generation FUT hair transplant treatment which gives a scar-free and the patient could see natural-looking results after the hair transplantation.

The strip harvested from the area is stapled by the technique that helps one flap to get overlapped immediately by the other due to which the visibility of the scar is very low. The FUT hair transplant cost in India is also low along with immediate and effective results which have attracted many patients towards it.

Recovery after FUT hair transplant

The FUT hair transplant recovery time takes about two to three weeks and it is necessary for the patients to take the require medication and follow the appointments after the surgery regularly. the patient could return to their work after several days but it is recommended to void lifting heavy weights and performing strenuous activities.

During the FUT hair transplant recovery time, you need to take certain pain medicines along with the antibiotics so that there is no risk of any type of infection. And to keep the swelling low anti-inflammatory medicines are also prescribed to the patients.

Why choose us?

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 natural-looking hairline
 high quality of the follicular unit
 a high density of hairs
 no visible scars

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