4th Generation FUT Hair Transplant With Trichophytic Closure For Advanced Male Pattern Baldness

The people especially males who are facing a lot of hair loss have the option of getting a hairtransplant surgery to have a good growth of hairs. As there are a number of different techniques for a hair transplant which confuses a patient which choice to make but the most demanding techniques at present is … Read more

Are Painful Rubbery Male Breast Lumps Behind The Nipple A Sign Of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the male breast gland enlargement due to a hormonal imbalance and the deposit of excess fat in the breast area. It is commonly seen in boys which are sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent. Gynecomastia surgery is a good option to treat breast enlargement in men. But when do u need a surgery? Let … Read more

7 Things to Note Before Hair Transplant

Introduction Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery that helps people with acute hair loss in regaining theirlost hair. Hair transplant is becoming increasingly popular as it enhances the appearance andthus, the confidence level of a person. Hair transplant involves the extraction of hair folliclesfrom the areas of the head with still existing natural growth and … Read more

Why Revisions Hair Transplant Required: The Anatomy of a Bad Hair Transplant

When there is a lot of hair loss and various medications and therapies are not working thenmost of the people opt for the hair transplant surgery which gives them good hair growthfor the long run. The surgery sometimes results in bad hair transplant due to which revision of the surgery isrequired. Revision mainly refers to … Read more

Role of Pain in Hair Transplant

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by men and women nowadays. The reasonfor this can be genetics, pollution, changing lifestyle, high-stress levels, diet, etc. Generally, hairre-growth in men has a lesser possibility compared to that of women. Many different hair losstreatments and medications are available nowadays that assure hair re-growth. However, … Read more