Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty (Body Sculpting) Surgery Clinic jaipur

Nowadays people are more conscious about their looks. It is important to have a well-shaped body. Get your tummy in shape without doing hours and hours of exercises, jogging, running. We provide you Abdominoplasty surgery in jaipur with advanced technology and experts hands.

Tummy Tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. This body sculpting surgery removes excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen while tightening the skin of the upper abdomen and the abdominal muscles.

You can get a flat stomach and improved self-esteem after going through tummy tuck surgery at alcs jaipur. Many people go for abdominoplasty after massive weight loss or pregnancy to get rid of extra, loose skin around the abdominal area.

tummy tuck surgery in jaipur

You can consider tummy tuck surgery if:

  • you have a huge amount weight loss recently and  you have got stretch marks or extra skin in your abdomen.
  • your abdomen shape is not proper after pregnancy or weight loss.
  • you feel self-conscious about your looks due to your protruding abdomen.

What Can Abdominoplasty Do For You

An effective tummy tuck surgery, such as by expert abdominoplasty surgeons of ALCS in Jaipur, can:

  • improve the shape of your abdomen and give you a perfect flat tummy.
  • remove  stretch marks caused due to pregnancy or weight loss.
  • give you a youthful body that will rise your confidence level high.

Note: If you feel a need of a tummy tuck surgery, book a consultation with high experienced ALCS surgeons who offer the best abdominoplasty surgery in Jaipur.

Tummy Tuck Procedure At Alcs Jaipur

  • Abdominoplasty surgery is performed under a general anesthesia, for the patient’s comfort and safety. An incision is made above the pubic area in the “bikini line”, extending outwards on each side towards the flanks ( the incision can use a pre-existing transverse c-section scar, if present ).
  • Another small incision is made around the belly button ( umbilicus ), allowing improved tightening of the upper abdomen. The abdominal muscles are exposed and tightened, flattening the abdomen. If present, hernias or ‘rectus diastasis’ ( often present following pregnancy ) can be repaired.


tummy tuck in jaipur

  • Next, the skin of the abdomen is stretched towards the lower abdominal incision. Excess skin and fat is removed, further flattening the abdomen, while improving striae ( ‘stretch marks’ ) and abdominal shape. Prior to closure, the belly button is properly positioned and reshaped.


After Tummy Tuck Surgery- Recovery And Post Operative Care

  • The duration of a Tummy Tuck surgery in jaipur is about two hours in most cases, and can often be performed as an outpatient. A postoperative overnight stay can be arranged where appropriate and necessary.
  • Full recovery from full tummy tuck surgery can take about 6 months or more. However, immediately after the surgery, you must take care to avoid complications and manage pain in first 2-3 weeks.
  • When the patient is under tummy tuck recovery at jaipur alcs clinic, an abdominal binder is used for comfort and wound care for two weeks after surgery; drainage tubes are typically removed within five to seven days.
  • Immediately after abdominoplasty, you may feel sore or tenderness in the abdominal region. This is normal and can be controlled with pain medications.
  • Other side effects of tummy tuck surgery include swelling, redness, and bruising which automatically subside in one to three weeks after the procedure.
  • You must follow the instructions of your surgeon carefully especially in initial 2-3 days when pain and soreness is the maximum.
  • Since tummy tuck surgery does involve more discomfort than many other plastic surgery procedures, patients may wish to consider staying in a cosmetic surgery aftercare facility for a few days. They should plan on taking two weeks off from their usual activities/work.
  • Tummy Tuck scars are unavoidable consequences of this type of body contouring surgery but can be hidden by undergarments or a bathing suit.

Other Tummy Tuck Surgery Options at Jaipur

There can be several types of abdominoplasty procedures depending on individual needs.

  • Tummy Tuck ( Abdominoplasty Surgery) for those patients, who have minor degrees of abdominal/skin laxity, a ‘Mini-abdominoplasty’ may be used. This procedure involves a smaller incision below the bikini line, with no scar around the belly button. Tummy tuck recovery time substantially reduces in this mini body contouring surgery in comparison with ‘standard’ abdominoplasty procedure.
  • Those patients who have undergone significant weight loss may benefit from other body sculpting procedures as well. These include the ‘lower body lift’ or ‘belt lipectomy’, Brachioplasty ( arm lift ), medial thigh lift, panniculectomy ( lower abdomen ) and mastopexy ( breast lift ).

While some of these contouring procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, the more extensive surgeries require a multiple-day hospital stay. You can learn more about tummy tuck surgery and schedule a consultation with ALCS for tummy tuck surgery in Jaipur now.