Laser Hair Removal 

Are you here, looking clinic for  laser hair removal in Jaipur or You landed up here through your quest of finding a solution for your unwanted hair? Either way, you are at the best recommended clinic for laser hair removal  in Jaipur.

Laser Hair Removal in jaipur is cosmetic treatment for permanent hair removal. It helps in getting rid of unwanted facial or body hairs. The treatment  involves the use of pulses of laser light on hair follicles. Lasers remove hair through a process of selective photothermolysis in which energy in the form of optical wavelengths is delivered into the hair shaft and pigmented follicular epithelium.

laser hair removal

The light is primarily absorbed by the endogenous chromophore melanin and results in a rapid rise in temperature and subsequent heat transfer to adjacent tissue, causing local thermal necrosis of the follicles’ regenerative structures.

To achieve permanent hair removal, the laser system must be able to effectively treat the different hair types and colors as well as the various skin types while providing maximum skin protection. The laser’s wavelength, pulse duration, and spot size determine the effectiveness of the treatment (on all skin types) and also influence the depth of penetration and treatment speed.

With our advanced laser hair removal treatment in jaipur, you can now avail with the best laser hair removalin Jaipur technique  city along with our experienced cosmetic surgeons.

The Lumenis solution

Lumenis’ LightSheer system uses state-of-the-art 800nm diode laser technology that has become the preferred method for photoepilation and the industry’s ‘Gold Standard’. Over 50 peer reviewed articles confirm the superior efficacy, safety, comfort and high patient satisfaction achieved with this technology. ALCS surgeons employ this state-of-the-art technology at its laser hair removal jaipur clinic

to give the best experience to patients.  You can expect to get the best hair removal laser treatment at an affordable cost in Jaipur.

Advantages for Physicians

  • The 800nm wavelength safely and effectively treats all skin types.
  • Treatment can be customized to optimally meet the needs of each patient by tailoring treatment accuracy, efficacy, safety, comfort and speed.
  • High peak-power, adjustable pulse duration and a variety of spot-sizes allow for rapid treatment of all body areas.
  • High-Speed Integrated Technology® (HIT) reduces treatment time on large areas by up to 75%. With HIT more patients can be treated in less time and the fast treatment attracts new patients seeking a quick, comfortable and affordable solution.
  • Cost effective and profitable treatments allowing treatment of more patients in less time.

HIT Technology at our laser hair removal in jaipur ensures that every patient gets a customized treatment according to their individual needs. At ALCS, Jaipur, you are in the hands of some of the best plastic surgeons in India who are committed to serving with the best permanent hair reduction technique through lasers. For More Info, Contact (75687 8888575687 88886)

Some Recent Results of Laser Hair Removal in jaiur.

laser hair removal surgery

Hair removal Pre and post  Disclaimer: Results may vary significantly from patient to patient due to individual differences.

If you have decided to go ahead with the laser hair removal in jaipur procedure, Your are Strictly advised to keep following things in mind before the process:

  • Protect your skin from direct sunlight and use sunscreen whenever you move into the sunlight.Especially in summers because temperature bumps 40+ in Jaipur during summer.
  • Laser treatment for hair removal is usually suitable for people with light skin and dark hairs. However, if you have dark skin, your surgeon may ask you to go through bleaching treatment before the surgery.
  • Stop smoking at least four to six weeks before the laser treatment as smoking interferes with healing and recovery after the surgery.
  • Avoid blood thinning medicines and drugs in advance to prevent bleeding during the procedure.
  • Drink enough water before any kind of surgical procedure to speed up recovery. This point is valid before any kind of surgery.

 Recovery And Care After Laser Hair Removal in jaipur  Treatmen0t in India.

laser hair removal before after picture

                              Disclaimer: Results may vary significantly from patient to patient due to individual differences.

Once the laser treatment to remove hair is completed, you need to take certain precautions before your skin gets normal. Some of the significant points which you must keep in mind after laser hair removal  in jaipur fare:

  • Red skin or irritation on treated skin areas is normal and you need not worry about it. It will go away automatically within few days. If irritation or redness of skin persists, inform your doctor.
  • Follow the skin care regimen suggested by your dermatologist strictly even if it means using special skin cosmetic products for some time.
  • Never expose treated areas to sunlight directly. Always use sunscreen when you move out in day time.
  • You can experience additional hair growth near treated areas. This happens because of dormant hair follicles which were unaffected by laser but become active after the treatment.
  • You may have to go for follow-up treatments in the interval of 4-8 weeks after laser hair removal in jaipur.

Laser Hair Removal in Jaipur Cost at Alcs

The cost of laser hair treatment depends on the area of the body part from where you want to remove hairs. So, if you want to remove chest or back hairs, then price would be different as compared to facial hairs. The financial aspects are also dependent on training and experience of the cosmetic surgeon. You can have a consultation with your plastic surgeon in advance to discuss all associated costs related to this treatment.

At ALCS, under the guidance of the best plastic surgeon in Rajasthan,you can also avail several

other laser treatment procedures.